WCX 2023 (2) Considerations in accelerating deployment of BEVs

Battery production, technology and infrastructure present challenges to deployment



WCX 2023 exhibition floor
WCX 2023 exhibition floor

  The WCX 2023 exhibition hosted by SAE International took place at the Huntington Place exhibition hall in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. from April 18 to April 20, 2023. WCX 2023 showcased more than 90 exhibitors while conducting presentations and discussion panels during the three-day period. Presentations covered topics including software-defined vehicles, vehicle infrastructure, and measures to reduce carbon emissions from road transportation.

  Within the overarching theme of environmental sustainability and reducing emissions, a subset of presentations focused on the rapid deployment of battery electric vehicles in the U.S. market. One Leadership Summit panel discussed the steps needed for the future success of electric vehicle batteries. Sandy Munro, owner of Munro & Associates, gave a Learning Lab presentation highlighting current battery capabilities as well as future battery technologies that could impact the automotive industry. Another panel session focused on the considerations of electric vehicle charging infrastructure  in the U.S. as the number of electric vehicles is expected to grow exponentially.

  This report is the second in a series which highlights the presentation and panel sessions at WCX 2023. This report will focus on sessions discussing electric vehicle batteries, and U.S. charging infrastructure considerations. A previously published report highlighted sessions discussing software-defined vehicles and the in-vehicle experience


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