Smart Energy Week 2023 Spring: EVs, Chargers, V2X

13th International Smart Grid Expo (Spring), 2nd Decarbonisation Expo (Spring), and more



Smart Grid Expo venue
Smart Grid Expo venue

  Smart Energy Week Spring (March 15-17, 2023) was held at the Tokyo Big Sight convention and exhibition center.

  According to an announcement by the organizer, RX Japan Ltd., the total number of visitors to the exhibition, including Smart Energy Week Spring and the concurrently held Decarbonisation Expo and Circular Economy Expo, was 65,196 (3-day total), up from 41,751 last year. There were few empty areas in the exhibition halls giving the impression that the bustle had returned to the pre-COVID pandemic level.

  Electric vehicles (EVs), V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything), EV chargers, and more were exhibited at the Smart Grid Expo as well as at the Decarbonisation Expo and Circular Economy Expo venues.

  This report introduces the content related to EVs, V2X, and EV chargers/power supplies exhibited at the 13th International Smart Grid Expo (Spring), the 2nd Decarbonisation Expo (Spring), and the 1st Circular Economy Expo (CE Japan).



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