Nissan Ariya EV with resin water jacket technology for inverter

Light-weight inverter for EV drive motor: From a presentation at the 2021 JSAE Congress (Autumn)



Nissan's Ariya, all-new EV
Nissan's Ariya, all-new EV (Source: Nissan)

  The electric powertrain of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.'s (Nissan’s) all-new EV (electric vehicle), the Ariya, which Nissan announced in July 2020 and started taking pre-orders on June 4, 2021, has a newly developed motor and inverter that differ from those of the Nissan Leaf.

  The motor is an Electrically Excited Synchronous Motor (EESM) instead of a conventional embedded magnet synchronous motor, and the water jacket for cooling the inverter has been changed from cast aluminum to resin for weight reduction.

  This report is based on a presentation given at the 2021 Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE) Congress (Autumn), Technical Paper 20216205: Development of Resin Water Jacket Case for Traction Inverter, by Soichi Ishii, Tadaaki Iiyama, Masaya Nakajima, Seiji Hatanaka, and Shinya Komasaki (all of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.), and introduces the technology used in the inverter installed in Nissan’s all-new EV, Ariya.

  The 2021 JSAE Congress (Autumn) was held online from October 13-15, 2021, with 3,038 registered attendees.


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