Nissan and Honda: “Technology-driven Mobility Can Enrich People’s Lives”

From the keynote sessions of the 12th Automotive World 2020



Nissan’s twin-motor all-wheel control technology test car (Source: Nissan)

 At the 12th Automotive World 2020 held in January 2020, Nissan and Honda presented their respective approaches at the keynote session titled “Technology-driven Mobility Can Enrich People’s Lives”.

 Mr. Kunio Nakaguro, Executive Officer, Executive Vice President of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., presented a keynote speech entitled “The Evolution of Advanced Technology: “How We Are Shaping the Future of Our Mobility Society”. Mr. Yoshiharu ltai, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, Life Creation Center of Honda R&D Co., Ltd. presented “Honda's Approach to Serve People Worldwide with the ‘Joy of Expanding their Life's Potential’".

 Mr. Nakaguro of Nissan introduced the following three points regarding Nissan's efforts to spread advanced technologies, focusing on the use of electric vehicle (EV) technology, electric power in EVs and EV autonomous driving technology.

  1. Convey the attractiveness of technology: One pedal function, “twin-motor all-wheel control technology”, ProPILOT 2.0.
  2. Make technology available to customers around the world (technology that matches each market’s diverse needs, lowering costs): To launch EV or e-Power according to the market needs, but share components and promote battery cost reduction.
  3. Have sensibility for a future vision of "Enriching society through technology": Link energy to cities with running storage batteries (EVs), contribute to disaster relief, and provide mobility to meet the needs of urban and rural areas.

 Honda’s Mr. Itai proposes Honda eMaaS as a future vision of mobility that links MaaS (mobility as a service) that provides the “joy and freedom of mobility” and EaaS (energy as a service) that aims to be “eco-friendly and use smart electricity”. This vision is expected to serve people worldwide with the joy of expanding their life’s potential.

  Honda’s initiatives range from last mile mobility to aircraft, but this time Mr. Itai introduced the small mobility concept. The Honda Mobile Power Pack removable portable battery plays a major role in this concept. It can be mounted on all small mobility devices (the number of batteries depends on the application) and can be used as a power source for various electrical products.

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