Nissan's Craftsmanship Challenge: Innovating Cars through Electrification and Intelligence

From the presentation given at the 6th Mechanical Components and Materials Technology Expo in Nagoya



  Based on the presentation given by Mr. Eiichi AKAISHI, Managing Executive Officer, Alliance Global VP, Nissan Product Development Division No. 1, at the 6th Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo (Nagoya, Japan) on April 8, 2021, this paper summarizes the future direction of Nissan's product development. Nissan’s main direction is to concentrate on powertrain intelligence and 100% electrification of the driving force at the wheels. As a milestone, Nissan is electrifying every all-new vehicle offering in its key markets by the early 2030s. In addition to improving the marketability of individual batteries by adopting all-solid-state batteries in the 2020s, since it first launched EVs to market Nissan has envisioned and is actually developing an eco-system that includes external systems such as electric power generation systems and resource recycling.

会場風景 ゼロエミッションを達成する
View of the venue. The explanation of the corporate direction attracted a large audience. Nissan will achieve zero emissions with 100% electric driving and batteries as key technologies. (Source: Nissan) 


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