WCX 2019: SAE World Congress Experience – Clean vehicle, mobility and digital technologies

Advances in powertrains, connectivity and mobility triggering vehicle transformations



WCX 2019 welcome sign

  The WCX 2019: World Congress Experience was held from April 9 through April 11, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. Panels and presentations on April 10 and 11 focused on advances in mobility, digital systems, and powertrains with topics including vehicle-integrated digital services, future vehicle interior and interface considerations, and the future of powertrains. In the exhibition hall, Hyundai showcased its award-winning powertrains for its Kona Electric and Nexo. Ford allowed attendees to test electric scooters from Spin. On the supplier side, American Axle showcased systems improving fuel efficiency, while Asahi Kasei displayed its AKXY three-passenger electric concept vehicle.

  This report is the second of two reports highlighting the automotive content shown at WCX 2019. This report highlights content related to clean vehicle technologies, mobility and digital systems. A report on autonomous technologies and safety systems at WCX 2019 was previously released.


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