Honda's electrification strategy: Launching the "Honda e" compact EV in Europe and Japan

From a Battery Japan 2019 seminar: Launching the "Everus VE-1", a dedicated EV in China



「Honda e」プロトタイプ
The "Honda e" prototype compact EV to be released in Europe and Japan
(Source: Honda)

  At the “Battery Japan 2019” event held from February 27 to March 1, 2019, Mr. Noboru Yusaku, General Manager, Technology Development Division 5, Honda R&D Co., Ltd. gave a presentation entitled "Honda Initiatives for the Electrification of Society”. This report is on the electrification strategy of Honda and based primarily on the presentation given by Mr. Yusaku.

  Honda plans to target achieving two-thirds (15% EV + FCV, and 50% of HEV + PHEV) of its global sales to be electrified by 2030. Honda has announced that by 2025 it will electrify 100% of its vehicles sold in Europe, and will introduce more than 20 electric vehicle models in China by 2025.

  Honda has already introduced a number of electrified vehicles such as 3 types of hybrid vehicles with 1 motor, 2 motors, and 3 motors, a PHEV (Clarity PHEV), a FCV (Clarity FCV), and an EV (the Clarity Electric, a U.S.-only car). Going forward, Honda will focus on EVs and PHEVs toward its goal of achieving zero emissions.

  Recently, Honda announced a series of plans for its EVs. At the China Guangzhou Motor Show in November 2018, the dedicated China "Everus VE-1" electric vehicle was released, and production began in December. And, the prototype of the "Honda e" compact EV was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2019.

  During his presentation, Mr. Yusaku introduced the new technologies that Honda is deploying for its electrified vehicles. Honda has introduced a variety of new technologies, such as motors exclusively for hybrid vehicles that are completely free of heavy rare earth elements, winding technology to make compact motors, the adoption of SiC chips for power modules, and a replaceable mobile battery system. Honda has also developed super-fast charging technology, with plans to launch a number of EVs by 2022 that can charge 150 miles (240km) of range in 15 minutes.

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