Tokyo Motor Show 2013: Next-generation powertrains and commercial vehicles

Lexus/Subaru show downsized DI turbo engine; Hino presents light-duty commercial EV platform



Toyota/Lexus 2.0-liter turbo charged engine
Toyota/Lexus 2.0-liter turbo charged engine

 This report provides an overview of the exhibition of Japanese automakers chiefly on next-generation powertrains and commercial vehicles at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show. Toyota /Lexus and Fuji Heavy Industries (hereafter Subaru) exhibited downsized-direct injection turbo engines and Mazda displayed a hybrid system. Daihatsu unveiled its next-generation powertrain technologies. Suzuki also provided as reference an exhibit of its 1.0L dual jet engine with two injectors per cylinder which is under development. Nissan exhibited its autonomous driving technology which the company aims to install on production models by 2020. Among Japanese commercial vehicle makers, Isuzu Motors provided as reference an exhibit of the mu-X SUV that is produced in Thailand for overseas markets. Hino also unveiled the company's first light-duty commercial Electric Vehicle (EV) platform. Various non-Japanese automakers and their affiliates also exhibited commercial vehicles. These non-Japanese automakers include Volvo/UD Trucks brands, Mitsubishi Fuso from the Daimler Group, and Hyundai.

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