Japanese suppliers invest in European operations to expand sales

Target sales to European, US, and Korean OEMs while expanding capacity in Russia and Eastern Europe



 New passenger-car registrations in 29 European countries from January to August 2013 fell by 5.2% year-over-year (y/y) to 8.14 million units. The sales volume in Russia also fell by 6.8% y/y to 1.8 million units for the period of January through August 2013. Under such circumstances, Japanese auto parts suppliers in Europe mostly aim to expand sales channels to non-Japanese automakers and automotive parts suppliers in Europe, the United States and Korea. New plants are constructed particularly in Russia and East European countries including Turkey. The production capacity expansion is mostly intended to meet the increase in demand for energy saving parts and to increase the number of local business partners. Corporate acquisition and joint venture set ups are also active in these countries.

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