JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition 2012: parts suppliers (2)

Technologies for weight reduction, fuel efficiency and safety



 Reported below is an outline of technologies addressing efficiency of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines (ICE), size and weight reduction, fuel efficiency, riding comfort, safety and car navigation, exhibited by automotive parts suppliers at the JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition 2012 held at Pacifico Yokohama on May 23-25.

 Powertrains and devices addressing improved efficiency of ICE-powered vehicles included an Intermediate locking variable valve timing (VVT) device, exhibited by Aisin Seiki, with the expanded valve timing control range, a fourth-generation common rail system, exhibited by Denso, with the maximum injection pressure of 300MPa, and a nine-speed automatic transmission for transverse-mounted engines exhibited by ZF.

 Among technologies contributing to size and weight reduction were Denso's thin condenser and Asahi Kasei's plastic oil pan (prototype). Aisin Seiki exhibited front grille shutter that improves fuel efficiency.

 Safety, comfort and convenience were other themes of technologies at the Exposition. FPS introduced an automotive application of speakers that generate planar wave rather than spherical wave as in conventional speakers.

 Aisin AW, Denso and Clarion exhibited car navigation systems that coordinate with smartphones.

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