January vehicle sales in Thailand up 10.5%, January production up 3.1%  [ Thailand ]

According to MarkLines Data Center, January vehicle sales in Thailand increased 10.5% year on year to 57,254 units.
By brand sales in January, Toyota was up 9.5% to 15,075 units. Isuzu was up 19.5% to 13,197 units and Honda was up 40.1% to 7,866 units. Mitsubishi sales were up 0.2% to 4,809 units, and Nissan sales were down 16.9% to 3,533 units.
By body type, passenger cars were up 23.5% year over year to 20,228 units. Commercial vehicle sales were up 4.5% to 37,026 units. Pickup sales included in the commercial vehicle sales were up 5.6% to 30,612 units.
New vehicle production in January increased 3.1% to 152,261 units, while exports decreased 14.5% to 80,097 units.
The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) forecasts that Thai domestic car sales are expected to rise to 800,000 units in 2017 due to the the expiry of the five-year lock-up period for vehicles bought under the first-time car buyer scheme. FTI estimates that vehicle exports will probably remain flat at 1.2 million units in 2017, and Thai automotive output will grow by 2.9% to 2 million units.

<Feb 24, 2017>