H6 (Haval)

Mar 08, 2024

On March 4, 2024, GWM Malaysia hosted the media preview event for the GWM ORA 07 BEV, after opening its order books recently.

The ORA 07, also known as the Lightning Cat/Grand Cat, will be official launched in Malaysia by Q1/2024. Starting prices will be unveiled during the launch.

GWM Malaysia said it plans to release a new model in each quarter of 2024. These are expected to be the Haval H6 HEV in Q2 and the Tank 300 in Q3.

(From GWM Malaysia social media updates and an article of New Straits Times on March 4, 2024)

Jan 17, 2024

Announced on January 17, 2024, Great Wall Motor (GWM) recorded sales of 12,840 units in Thailand in 2023, marking over 10% growth YoY. 

GWM’s 2023 sales in Thailand were contributed greatly by the ORA Good Cat and ORA Good Cat GT, with a combined total of 6,032 units. Ranked 2nd and 3rd were the Haval Jolion and Haval H6 that sold 3,199 units and 2,903 units, respectively. Meanwhile, sales of the TANK 500 HEV and TANK 300 HEV reached 296 units and 292 units, respectively. The recently launched high-performance electric sports coupe, ORA 07, also had 118 units delivered. 

As of the end of 2023, GWM has delivered a total of 28,158 electrified vehicles to the customers in Thailand since entering the market. This includes 9,679 units of Haval H6, 6,953 units of Haval Jolion, 10,820 units of ORA Good Cat and ORA Good Cat GT, 118 units of ORA 07, 296 units of TANK 500, and 292 units of TANK 300.

(From Great Wall Motor Thailand press release on January 17, 2024)

Jan 04, 2024

On January 3, 2024, EP Manufacturing BHD. (EPMB) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary PEPS-JV (Melaka) Sdn Bhd (PJVM) and Great Wall Motor Sales Malaysia Sdn Bhd (GWM) had entered into a Vehicle Assembly Agreement to appoint PJVM as the contract assembler for GWM’s authorized model vehicles in Malaysia or other areas/countries which may be permitted by GWM in its sole direction.

Reference is made to EPMB’s announcements dated October 20 and October 18, 2023, in relation to the MOU between PJVM and GWM. The MOU shall cease upon the execution of the Agreement, which shall remain in effect for a period of 8 years unless terminated or mutually
renewed by the Parties.

The focus is said to be initially on assembling and producing Haval H6 and the Haval Jolion SUVs. EPMB also aims to achieve an annual output of 20,000 units by 2028. The assembly and production activities will be conducted at the facility in HICOM Pegoh Industrial Park in Melaka.

(From Bursa Malaysia announcement and an article of New Straits Times on January 3, 2024)

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