H6 (Haval)

Sep 14, 2021

Reported on September 14, 2021, Great Wall Motor (GWM) Thailand is reportedly going to launch the Ora Good Cat electric car in October, arriving in the imported CBU form from China.
While Haval is GWM’s SUV sub brand, Ora is GWM’s EV brand. The Good Cat (directly translated from the car’s Chinese name, hao mao) surfaced in late 2020 in its domestic market and was previewed in Thailand in February 2021.
Underpinned by GWM’s modular Lemon platform that the Haval H6 also uses, the Good Cat is a 5-door hatchback that comes with semi-autonomous driving features. No Thai pricing has been announced yet, but as GWM has mentioned plans to make Thailand its regional hub for EVs, there is a possibility that the Good Cat would be locally assembled in the future.
(From an article of Paul Tan on September 14, 2021 and multiple sources)

Sep 13, 2021

Announced on September 13, 2021, Great Wall Motor (GWM) secured No. 1 position in Thailand’s compact SUV segment with monthly sales and delivery of all-new Haval H6 Hybrid SUV amounting to 408 units in August, up 27.5% MoM, giving it a 34.3% share of the Thai market for compact SUVs that sold totaled 1,190 units in August. According to the Managing Director of GWM Thailand, this satisfying sales performance in August is seen as an important milestone achieved by GWM very soon after establishing its business presence in Thailand.
Combined with monthly sales of 320 units in July, GWM has already delivered 728 units of the A all-new Haval H6 SUV to Thai consumers in a 2-month period.
In addition to robust sales growth in the Thai market, GWM continued to deliver solid performance worldwide with global sales of 74,257 units in August. Of these, 12,399 units were sales outside China, which reflects 81.1% growth in the company’s overseas sales year on year. Haval H6 continued to be GWM’s flagship model and the bestseller with contribution of 20,026 units to the company’s global sales in August.
(From Great Wall Motor Thailand press release on September 13, 2021)

Sep 03, 2021

On August 29, the 24th Chengdu International Motor Show officially opened.
Great Wall Motor’s five vehicle brands (Haval, Tank, WEY, ORA, and Great Wall Pickup) appeared at the motor show this year.
Specifically, Haval brand unveiled new vehicles including Haval Shenshou (production version of Haval XY concept car), Haval H6S, 2022 Haval H9 and others. Among them, Haval H6S, an all-new coupe SUV, is built based on the LEMON platform and Smart Coffee System. There are two power options for consumers to choose from: 2.0T fuel-powered system or Lemon Hybrid DHT system. Haval Shenshou, an all-new flagship SUV, is equipped with industry-leading vehicle chips. In addition, Haval announced that it has ushered in a new hybrid era during which it will launch Haval H6, Haval H6S, Haval Chitu, Haval Shenshou and many other significant DHT hybrid models.
Tank 400 and Tank 500 (renamed from Tank 600) started their world premieres. Tank 400 is positioned as a large off-road SUV; while Tank 500 is positioned as a large luxury off-road SUV, equipped with the combination of a 3.0L turbocharged V6 engine and a 9-speed hydraulic automatic transmission for the first time.
The WEY brand announced the pre-sale price of Macchiato, its compact hybrid SUV. The price range is between CNY 146,800 and 163,800.
ORA exhibited its all-new ORA Ballet Cat compact EV and all-new ORA Cherry Cat compact SUV at the motor show. The latter is equipped with the first cobalt-free battery pack developed by SVOLT Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Great Wall Motor launched its Great Wall Pao Pickup (Mount Everest version). This pickup is priced between CNY 181,800 and 188,800. Its off-road capability has been further improved based on Pao Offroad.

From a Great Wall Motor press release

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