Golf (VW)

Feb 16, 2024

On February 15, Volkswagen announced that the latest Golf model is now available for pre-sales in Europe, starting at EUR 27,180 for the Golf and EUR 28,280 for the Golf Variant. Volkswagen also introduces the Golf Edition 50 as an exclusive model to mark its 50th anniversary, which is a classic five-door model.

Initial options include two manual turbocharged gasoline engines (TSI) and two 48 V mild hybrid turbocharged gasoline engines (eTSI) with a 7-speed direct shift gearbox (DSG), all featuring outputs of 85 kW and 110 kW. All four drive systems feature advanced four-cylinder engines with variable turbine geometry (VTG) turbocharger and Active Cylinder Management (ACTplus). Additional derivatives and drive systems will be introduced soon.
The Golf Edition 50 is offered in various drive versions, starting with the 1.5 TSI priced at EUR 36,820 with 110 kW and a manual gearbox.

Based on Volkswagen press release

Feb 15, 2024

Sony Honda Mobility is now planning to launch three EV models under the Afeela brand name within the next four to five years, according to recent reports.

The joint venture between the Sony Group and Honda Motor will debut a sedan in 2025, an SUV in 2027 and an "affordable" compact in 2028 or later. 

The joint venture intends to strengthen its development structure as it expands its product lineup and has begun hiring mid-career engineers, with the intent to double its workforce to around 500 employees.

The three models will go up against Tesla in the U.S. and will share the same platform to reduce costs and speed development.

As low-price competition intensifies in the EV market, Sony and Honda will seek to distinguish the Afeela brand by providing affordable added value and is currently developing games to play inside cars, using advanced computer graphics technology from U.S.-based Epic Games.

The Afeela Sedan is expected to be priced at more than JPY 10 million (USD 66,413).

The compact may be comparable in size to the Toyota Corolla and VW Golf, and will keep retail prices low by sharing parts with Honda's independently developed EVs, while omitting certain equipment and functions.

(multiple sources on February 14, 2024)

Feb 05, 2024

On January 29, Volkswagen announced that its high-performance brand Volkswagen R offers a range of sporty vehicles, including the Golf R and top model Touareg R eHybrid. The brand is realigning for the future, focusing on four pillars i.e., performance, design, innovation, and quality, with a gradual shift towards fully electric R models by 2030.

The 2023 marked a record year with over 35,000 vehicles produced, contributing to a total of 300,000 R models delivered since 2002.

Based on Volkswagen press release

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