CR-V (Honda)

Feb 23, 2024

Announced on February 20, 2024, PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) noted retail sales of 10,019 cars in Indonesia in January 2024 (down 9.1% YoY). Honda Brio and Honda HR-V contributed around 68% of its total sales.

In January 2024, the Honda Brio sold 5,186 units, while the HR-V sold 1,624 units. Meanwhile, the WR-V recorded sales of 1,460 units, the BR-V sold 1,131 units, and the CR-V sold 351 units. Sales of the Honda City Hatchback RS reached 131 units, followed by 57 units of the Civic RS, 31 units of the Accord, 30 units of the Mobilio, and 18 units of the Honda City.

According to PT HPM, the company continued to monitor developments in market conditions to develop strategies to meet consumer demand for the models it sells. PT HPM hoped to be able to refresh the market again at the beginning of 2024.

(From Honda Indonesia press release on February 20, 2024 and on February 20, 2023)

Feb 13, 2024

During the week of February 5, Shell permanently closed its seven hydrogen refuelling stations for passenger cars in California, citing “supply complications and other external market factors”, leaving in operation only three hydrogen filling stations for heavy-duty vehicles in the state.

While California was one of the few markets for hydrogen-powered vehicles to grow, only 3,143 were registered in 2023 — less than 1% of battery-electric cars in the same period, according to the most recent figures from the California Energy Commission.

Shell had said in September 2023 that it had “discontinued its plan to build and operate additional light-duty vehicle fueling stations in California”, effectively scrapping the 48 new sites it had previously announced it would build, and for which it had been awarded USD 40.6 million grant.

At the time, Shell had “temporarily” shut down five of its hydrogen stations, with a note to customers that was unable to confirm a date when these sites would reopen.

While Shell has not given any further reasons for its decision to close down its California sites, the oil major had used filling station equipment supplied by Norway’s Nel — currently at the center of a lawsuit by industrial gas company Iwatani, which alleges major defects in its H2Station range.

For now, Shell is advising affected customers to check out the California Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership website for available fueling locations.

Owners of hydrogen-powered cars like the Hyundai Nexo, Toyota Mirai, and Honda Clarity will be affected by the closure.

Honda is still planning to launch a hydrogen-powered CR-V in 2024, powered by a next-gen hydrogen powertrain built in collaboration with General Motors.

Honda aims to sell 2,000 units per year for the new fuel cell system.

(multiple sources on February 8, 2024)

Feb 07, 2024

Three Japanese OEMs recently announced their sales results in China for January 2024.

Toyota sold 158,500 units in January, up 39.2% year-over-year (y/y).

On February 4, Honda announced that its January sales volume was 100,960 units, up 57.3% y/y. GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda sold 54,081 units and 46,879 units, respectively. Monthly sales volume of the Accord and CR-V models were both exceeded 15,000 units. Monthly sales volumes of the Breeze, Integra and Civic models were exceeded 10,000 units, respectively .

On February 6, Nissan announced that its January sales volume was 65,553 units, up 37.9% y/y.

From Honda China and Nissan China press releases

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