ZF Active Safety And Electronics US LLC (Formerly TRW Automotive)

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12001 Tech Center Drive, Livonia, Michigan 48150, United States

Business Overview

-The Company primarily develops and manufactures active and passive safety systems for the automotive market.

-On October 1, 2018, ZF made a strategic realignment of its corporate structure. The Active & Passive Safety Technology Division (the entity that used to be the Company when it was acquired by ZF) was split into three separate divisions: Electronics and ADAS, Passive Safety Systems, and Active Safety Systems. In addition, the CV Steering Systems Business Unit, formerly a part of the Active & Passive Safety Technology Division, was moved into Commercial Vehicle Technology Division.

-The following business units are in the three divisions that were formerly ZF’s Active & Passive Safety Technology Division:
Electronics and ADAS Division

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Safety Electronics

Passive Safety Systems Division

  • Inflatable Restraint Systems
  • Seat Belt Systems
  • Steering Wheel Systems

Active Safety Systems Division

  • Foundation Brakes
  • Brake Controls
  • Rack Drive
  • Column Drive

-In May 2015, the Company and ZF Friedrichshafen AG (ZF) announced that the companies completed the transaction under which ZF has successfully acquired the Company for approximately USD 12,400 million. The Company was incorporated into ZF as a new division called Active & Passive Safety Technology. The combined company operates under the name ZF Friedrichshafen AG.


-Joyson Safety Systems
-Tokai Rika


-Since May 15, 2015, the Company has been a wholly owned subsidiary of ZF Friedrichshafen AG.


Braking Systems
Slip control systems
-Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
-Electronic stability control (ESC) systems
-Hydraulic brake boost systems

Foundation brakes
-Front and rear disc brake calipers
-Colette-type calipers
-High performance calipers
-Reverse pin slider calipers
-Drum brakes
-Drum in hat parking brakes

Electric parking brakes
-Integrated electric parking brakes
-Front axle electric parking brakes
-Electric parking brakes with emergency brake control functionality

Actuation systems
-Actuated booster and master cylinder systems
-Dual-rate vacuum booster systems
-Fixed seal master cylinders
-Mechanical brake assist systems

Hybrid systems
-Hybrid electronic stability control systems
-Slip control boost systems

Integrated brake control systems

Steering Systems
Steering systems
-Rack and pinion hydraulic steering systems
-Electrically powered hydraulic steering systems
-Column drive electrically powered steering systems
-Rack/Belt drive electrically powered steering systems
-Dual pinion drive electrically powered steering systems
-Mechanical steering gears

Transmission pumps
-Single stage transmission pumps
-Dual stage transmission pumps

Occupant Safety Systems
-Driver airbags
-Passenger airbags
-Airbag in roof modules
-Fabric housings
-Knee airbags
-Self-adaptive venting airbags
-Dual contour airbags
-Active venting airbags
-Side head aribags for convertibles
-Curtain airbags
-Center airbags

-Single and dual stage pyrotechnic inflators
-Side hybrid inflators
-Passenger hybrid inflators

-Floating spool retractors
-Snake pretensioner retractors
-Buckle pretensioners
-Anchor pretensioners
-Load limiters
-Illuminated belt buckles
-Dynamic locking tongues
-Active control retractors
-Active buckle lifters

Steering wheel safety systems
-Lightweight steering wheels utilizing magnesium or low density foam
-Steering wheel heating systems
-Multifunctional switches integrated to the steering wheel
-Premium decorative steering wheel trim
-Steering wheel hand detection sensors
-Steering wheel integrated vibration motors

Integrated electronics
-Safety domain ECUs
-Integrated inertial sensors

Safety electronics
-Airbag control units
-Remote acceleration sensors
-Remote pressure sensors

RF systems
-Tire pressure monitoring systems
-Remote keyless entry systems
-Passive entry systems

Sensor technologies
-Long-range radars
-Medium-range radars
-360-degree radars
-Monocular cameras
-Three-lens camera systems

Driver assist systems
-Radar-based and camera-based forward collision warning systems
-Adaptive cruise control systems
-Lane departure warning systems
-Lane keeping assist systems
-Lane centering assist systems

Active and passive safety systems
-Automatic emergency braking systems
-Steering torque control systems
-Adaptive restraints
-Passive pre-crash systems
-GPS-based predictive safety systems


1901 Founded in Cleveland, Ohio.
Originally developed cap screws and other fasteners.
May. 1999 Completed USD 7 billion acquisition of LucasVarity plc.
Dec. 2002 Completed the acquisition of the Company by Northrop Grumman Corporation.
Feb. 2003 Became a private company through the acquisition of a majority interest by affiliates of The Blackstone Group LP from Northrop Grumman Corporation.
Feb. 2004 Completed IPO. Automotive Investors L.L.C held 56.7%, Northrop held 17.2% and the management of held 1.7% of its common stock.
Mar. 2005 Repurchased from an affiliate of Northrop 7.3 million shares, and sold to two investment institutions 7.3 million newly issued shares.
Nov. 2006 Repurchased 9.7 million shares from an affiliate of Northrop. As a result of this repurchase, Northrop and its affiliates held no shares of the Common Stock. And the Company issued 6.7 million shares of Common Stock in a registered public offering pursuant to its universal shelf registration statement filed with the SEC.
Jul. 2007 Opened a new plant, TRW Automotive Slovakia s.r.o.in Bytca, Slovakia.
Nov. 2007 Opened Japan Engineering Center (JEC) in Yokohama.
Dec. 2007 Opened a new manufacturing plant, TRW Steering Systems Slovakia.
Jan. 2008 Acquired a portion of Delphi Corporation's North American brake component machining and module assembly assets.
Jun. 2008 Closed an agreement with Davey Bickford SNC to acquire inflator business.
Jan. 2009 Acquired all stake of the EnTire Solutions, LLC (TPMS's development and production).
Sep. 2014 Announced it has entered into a definitive agreement with ZF Friedrichshafen AG (ZF) under which ZF will acquire all outstanding shares of the Company. The transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2015. The Company will be a separate business unit of ZF.
Feb. 2015 Divested engine valve business to Federal-Mogul's Powertrain division for USD 385 million.
Apr. 2015 Signed agreement to divest Linkage Suspension business to THK Co., Ltd. for USD 400 million in cash.
May 2015 Acquired by ZF into the new Active & Passive Safety Technology Division.

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