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Johan Kocksgatan 10 P.O. Box 153, Trelleborg Corporate reg no. 556006-3421, 231 22 Sweden

Business Overview

-The Company is a global leader in engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications, serving several markets including the automotive market.

-On 2022, the Company divested its Trelleborg Wheel System business to Yokohama Rubber Company. The transition will be completed in the first half of 2023.

-The Company is currently comprised of two business areas:

  • Trelleborg Industrial Solutions
  • Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

-The automotive market accounted for approximately 16% of the Company’s sales in the fiscal year ended December 31, 2022.



Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Trelleborg Industrial Solutions

-Parker Hannifin
-Saint Gobain

-Parker Lord
-Parker Hannifin
-Pennel & flipo


-Listed on Stockholm Stock Exchange, Nasdaq Stockholm (As of December 31, 2022)
Shareholder % of capital % of vote
Henry Dunker Donation Fund & Foundations 10.7 54.1
Capital Group 4.3 2.2
Vanguard 3.2 1.6
Allianz Global Investors 3.0 1.6
Lannebo Funds 2.9 1.5
Handelsbanken Funds 2.8 1.4
Swedbank Robur Funds 2.4 1.2
Tweedy, Browne Company LLC 1.8 0.9
Norges Bank 1.8 0.9
Folksam 1.7 0.9


Cars & Light Vehicles
Automotive Sealing Solutions
-Engineered Gaskets
-HiSpin Rotary Seals
-Asymmetrical rod seal L-Cup
-Plug-in Seal for Transmission control unit
-PTFE Seals
-Rubore Seals
-Rubore Shims
-Skirted Piston
-Double acting symmetrical seal Turcon Glyd Ring T
-Ever active seal Turcon Roto L
-Twin Seal
-Valve Seal
-Ventseal Light
-Thermoplastic in combination with liquid silicone rubber (LSR) 2-Component parts

Damping Solutions
-Shims / Insulators
-Tuned Absorbers
-Innovative Material for Damping
-Noise damping Materials in brakes
-Noise and Vibration Damping Lamination Technology

Driveshaft & Steering Boots
-Constant Velocity Joint Boots
-Rack & Pinion Boots
-Jounce Bumpers

Automotive Engineered Coated Fabrics

Heavy Trucks, Commercial Vehicles & Other Automotive Applications
Truck & Diesel Solution
-Bonded seals
-Engineered seals
-Technical molded parts

E-mobility Solutions
-Sealing Solutions

  • Rotary seals developed for eMobility

-Seals for batteries

  • valve seals


Oct. 1905 Trelleborgs Gummifabriks AB was registered. The operation concentrated on the manufacture of industrial rubber and tires.
1964 The Company was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.
1986 Acquired the Swedish company Mataki (bitumen-based sealing systems)
1987 Acquired Beadle Protective Products in the UK
1988 Acquired Bergougnan in Belgium and Sri Lanka (solid industrial tires)
1989 Acquired Ellerbrock in Germany (rubber-against-metal vehicle components)
1991 Acquired Monarch Tires in the US
1992 Acquired Rubore in Sweden (development and manufacture of sound-absorbing inserts for the automotive industry)
1993 Acquired Hadsten Wheels in Denmark (production of wheel rims)
1994 Acquired international sales organization. Sales offices opened in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong.
1995 Signed a collaboration agreement with Yale-South Haven in the US (automotive components).
The Company opened its sales offices in Japan, Brazil, Poland the Czech Republic and Hungary.
1996 Acquired French company CMPP (industrial hose), Swedish company Horda (sealing profiles, automotive components and cable composites), Prelasti in Belgium (sealing and rubber membranes), and Snowden-Anderson in the US/Canada (distribution of industrial supplies)
1997 Acquired Yale-South Haven in the US/Mexico, PAV in Brazil (automotive components), Ibercaucho in Spain (woven products), Vorwerk in Germany and Sri Lanka (industrial tires), Wheelbond in South Africa (tire distribution) and Park Rubber in the UK (sealing systems).
Signed a joint venture agreement with Pirelli regarding radial tires for agricultural machinery
The Company acquired SRG Bevco in the US (distribution of industrial supplies). German company ETM (sealing systems), Swedish company Trebolit (sealing systems for roofs), German DBV and Finnish Joule (distribution of rubber membranes).
1999 Acquired German company DiPro (sealing profiles).
The Company placed a bid for UK company Invensys of anti vibration operations.
Received a contract to produce strut mounts for one of the global platforms used by Volkswagen to produce various car models.
Received a contract to supply hydro mounts to Ford.
Received a contract to supply spring seats for Daimler Chrysler's new mini van.
In a joint venture with Delphi, the Company signed a contract to supply a complete system of engine mounts for Ford USA, which includes hydraulic engine mounts.
Distribution operations were sold to Nordic Capital.
Acquired BTRNO Anti vibration systems (BTRAVS). With this acquisition, the Company can offer a complete range of products, including full systems capabilities and powertrain as well as newly gained expertise in hydro mounts and engine suspension systems and establish a foothold in the Asian market.
2000 Invensys AVS is integrated with operations and makes the Company the world's leading manufacturer of anti vibration components for vehicles.
Acquisition of Laird Automotive Components.
2001 Acquisition of Hercules Rubber & Chemicals (Singapore), Queensland Rubber (Australia) and Fentek Marine Systems (Germany) (marine fender systems). Acquisition of Danish company Phonix Tag (sealing systems for roofs).
Apr. 2003 The Company signed an agreement covering the acquisition of 51% of the automotive component company Kunhwa Co Ltd. in South Korea.
Sep. 2003 The Company received needed approvals from regulatory authorities (in EU and US) to complete the acquisition of Smiths Group Plc's (UK) operations in polymer-based precision seals (Polymer Sealing Solutions - PSS). The acquisition is expected to be completed by end of September.
Dec. 2003 The Company signed an agreement to acquire Metzeler Automotive Hose Systems, a division of Metzeler Automotive Profile Systems SA. Metzeler's operations, which focus on hose systems for air supply and engine cooling.
Jan. 2006 The Company acquired the remaining 70% of Elastomer Compounding s.r.o. (ECS) of the Czech from Rado of Germany. The Company has owned 30% of ECS since 1998. Synergies will be generated in the form of shared purchasing and cost-efficient supplies to existing units, primarily in the Trelleborg Building Systems and Trelleborg Automotive business areas, and the acquisition also supports Trelleborg Automotive's projected manufacturing plant in Romania.
Mar. 2008 The Company entered into an agreement to acquire an outstanding privately owned minority share (20%) in Trelleborg Sealing Solutions India, thereby becoming sole owner of the company.
Nov. 2008 The Company acquired a plant for surface treatment of steel, which is located in Gavle, Sweden and was previously owned by the Finnish steel company, Ruukki.
Aug. 2009 The Company established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Russia. The production unit is located in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
Jul. 2010 The divestment of its Fluid Solutions business unit to German-based investment company Bavaria Industriekapital AG has been completed.
Jan. 2011 Signed an agreement to divest its operations in brake hoses for light vehicles, which is located in Brazil, to the French company Flexitech, Inc.
Apr. 2011 Finalized the divestment of its operations in brake hoses for light vehicles to French company Flexitech, Inc.
Oct. 2011 Signed an agreement and finalized the divestment of its gas spring operation to the French car parts maker Defta S.A.
Mar. 2012 Completed the divestment of its operation that manufactures rubber, plastic and foam components for the light vehicles industry to Bavaria Industriekapital AG.
Jul. 2012 Formed a 50/50 joint venture with Freudenberg, "TrelleborgVibracoustic". Trelleborg Automotive business area no longer forms part of the Trelleborg Group’s business area structure due to its inclusion in the joint venture.
Dec. 2012 Trelleborg Engineered Systems business area ceased to exist, and was split into three new areas: Trelleborg Coated Systems, Trelleborg Industrial Solutions and Trelleborg Offshore & Construction.
2013 Formed a joint venture, Vibracoustic CV Air Springs GmbH, from the Company's TrelleborgVibracoustic segment with HSS Otomotiv to produce air springs for commercial vehicles.
Sep. 2014 Divested facility in Spain which manufactures rubber boots for light vehicles to Delmon Industrie S.A.
Nov. 2015 Signed agreement to acquire CGS Holding a.s., a company with leading positions in agricultural, industrial, special tires and engineered polymer solutions for cash considerations of approximately SEK 10.9 billion.
Dec. 2015 Finalized acquisition of Standard Tyres Group, a Brazilian industrial tire manufacturer.
May 2016 Completed acquisition of CGS Holding a.s., a company specializing in agricultural, industrial and specialty tires and engineered polymer solutions, for SEK 10.9 million.
Jul. 2016 Completed divestiture of Vibracoustic GmbH joint venture to Freudenberg for SEK 6.8 billion.
Dec. 2017 Acquired the U.S.-based privately-owned Automated Dynamics for SEK 65 million.
Nov. 2019 Acquired US-based Tritec Seal, a provider engineered polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sealing solutions.
Dec. 2019 Inaugurated a new production line at Swedish brake shim facility.
Oct. 2021 Divested the Company’s Czech operation in technical rubber products to Kaprain, a Czech investment group
Nov. 2021 Continental to acquire Trelleborg Group’s printing solutions business, headquartered in Lodi Vecchio, Italy.
Dec. 2021 Acquired coated fabrics operation of the US-based privately-owned company, Alpha Engineered Composites.
Mar. 2022 Divested Trelleborg Wheel System business to Yokohama Rubber.
Nov. 2022 Acquired India-based Injectoplast, an operation specializing in automotive boots for the Indian light vehicles market.
Aug. 2022 Acquired US-based Minnesota Rubber & Plastic for approximately SEK 9.5 billion.

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