Company Profile



2 Rue Balzac, 75008 Paris, France

Business Overview

-The Company manufactures and markets products derived from processing elastomers that are primarily intended for the automotive, aerospace, defense, and industrial markets.

-The Company's operational activities consist of four major business sectors:

  • Sealing Systems
  • Vibration, Acoustic and Thermal Insulation
  • Fluid Transfer Systems
  • Transmission and Mobility


-The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Total S.A.


Sealing Systems
-Seals for opening parts

  • Door seals
  • Trunk seals
  • Doubling sealing gaskets
  • Dirt-resistant seals

-Fixed window seals

  • Window seals
  • Windshield seals
  • Encapsulation of fixed lateral window modules

-Opening window seals

  • Window outside/inside waist seal
  • Glass run channels

-Frame seals
-Dashboard cowl vent grille seals
-Foam and converting
-Oil seals

  • Wheel bearing seals
  • Encorders

-Precision rubbers

  • Head cover gaskets
  • Oil filter gaskets
  • Worm isolators


  • O-rings
  • D-rings
  • X-rings

-Molded automotive parts

  • Brake booster diaphragms
  • Fuel tank gaskets

Fluid Transfer Systems
-Air intake

  • Air ducts at output from turbo compressor


  • Hoses for fuel manifolds

-Air conditioning

  • Air conditioning hoses

-Power steering

  • Power steering hoses


  • Vacuum pipes for braking
  • Front brake hoses
  • Hybrid brake hoses; hydraulic brake pipes


  • Plastic clutch pipes

-Oil cooling

  • Oil cooling pipes

-Engine cooling

  • Water circuit pipes
  • Pipes for engine manifold

-Selective catalytics reduction systems
-Plastic Flexible pipes
-Plastic and rubber fuel hoses
-Hoses for turbo-compressed air intake circuit - high temperature
-Multi-function hoses
-Oil hoses
-Pressure takeoff pipes for particle filters

Transmission Systems

  • POLY V-belts
  • EPDM POLY V-belts
  • STRETCHY BELT tension automatic adjust belts

-Thermoset idlers

  • Smooth thermoset idlers
  • Grooved thermoset idlers

-Decoupling pulleys

  • Alternator decoupling pulleys

-Thermoset pulleys

  • Smooth thermoset pulleys
  • Grooved thermoset pulleys


  • Linear tensioner with hydraulic damping
  • Simple linear tensioners

Vibration, Acoustic and Thermal Insulation
-Mass dampers

  • Electric active mass dampers
  • Bracket mass dampers
  • Silicone transmission mass dampers
  • Cross member mass dampers
  • Rear cross member mass dampers

-Chassis insulation

  • Rear body mounts
  • Front body mounts
  • MCU - Microcellular urethane body mounts

-Powertrain suspensions

  • Roll restrictors
  • Gearbox mounts of longitudinal powertrain suspensions
  • Gearbox mounts of pendulum suspension systems
  • Active engine mounts
  • Engine mounts of longitudinal suspensions
  • Engine mounts of pendulum suspension systems

-Exhaust line suspensions

  • LINKEO exhaust flexible couplers
  • Exhaust hangers with integrated brackets
  • Exhaust hangers with mounting holes
  • Silicone exhaust hangers

-Rear axle elastic parts

  • Rear axle bushing
  • Flexible axle bushing
  • Strut mounts
  • Anti-roll bar bushing
  • Cradle mounts
  • Differential bushing

-Elastic attachment of the differential to the body

  • Strut mounts
  • Spring seats
  • Axle bushing
  • Rebound bumpers
  • Anti-roll bar bushing
  • Cradle mounts

-Front axle elastic parts


1873 Merger with Mapa Fit and acquisition of the totality of the assets of Mapa GmbH.
1974 The oil company Total takes majority shareholding.
1978 Full control of Paulstra and merger with Hutchinson SA.
1991 Public exchange offering total over Hutchinson.
Total take-over of Spontex and Pongs (Hutchinson Aachen) in Aix-la-Chapelle (Germany)
1993 Purchase of the glove business of Pirelli (plant in Bentong, Malaysia) and of Russells Rubber (Hutchinson Ltd) in the United-Kingdom and take-over of part of Bostik's activities.
1996 Acquisition of Allegre Puericulture (France), Vincke (Spain and Portugal), Fayette Tubular Products (United States), Lino et Ertec (Argentina),
Take-over of the National O'Ring and Stillman Seal activities and brands ; acquisition of the assets of the Rodgard Division (United States)
Takeover of the Parets assets from Allied Signal and of Intecsa (Spain)
Takeover of Mazzer activities (Poland and Italy) and of Pamargan (United Kingdom and Malta).
1997 Purchase of a majority share of Cestari in Brazil and of ABT in the United States and Mexico.
Building of a plant in Byrdstown (TN) in the United States and of a plant manufacturing gloves for professional use in Saltillo, Mexico.
1998 Acquisition of Espa in France, SRB in the United Kingdom, Extrema in Brazil and Virumetal in Uruguay
Launch of the Precision Rubber Division (PRD) in Downey (United States).
Building of a plant in Ithaca (United States) and Wuhan (China), enlargement of the Saltillo plant (Mexico).
1999 - Acquisition of the companies Caoutchoucs Modernes and JPR in France, Kingston Warren in the United States, and Mucambo in Brazil.
-Construction of the first phase of a hose assembly plant in Amilly (France), of two plants in Portugal and one in Poland, and of the third phase of the Saltillo plant in Mexico.
2000 Hutchinson joins Atofina, the Chemical Branch of the TotalFinaElf Group.
Inauguration of the Paulstra Chaeaudun Technical Center (France).
Acquisition of Barry Controls in the USA.
Acquisition of Soke in Austria.
Building of the new Zywiec 2 plant in Poland
2001 Acquired Lacesa in Mexico, a company of 120 employees, located in the northwest of the country.
2004 Expenditure in Lodz, Poland and Ensenada, Mexico.
Partnering agreements are signed with the Japanese company, Kinugawa Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd. and the Korean company Taesung.
2005 TECHLAM joins the Company worldwide.
2012 Established joint venture with Nichirin Co., Ltd. to form Hutchinson Nichirin Brake Hoses, S.L. in Palamos, Spain.

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