Compagnie de Saint Gobain S.A.

Company Profile



Les Miroirs, 92096 La Défense Cedex, France

Business Overview

-The Company is a decentralized organization whose activities are divided into three sectors: Innovative Materials, Construction Products, Building Distribution.

-In the Innovative Materials sector, the Company manufactures flat glass and high-performance materials, specifically abrasives and plastics, for the automotive market. The Company is the European leader in flat glass and the global leader in high-performance materials.


Flat Glass High-Performance Materials
Abrasives Performance Plastics

-Nippon Sheet Glass
-Asahi Glass
-Guardian Industries




-Listed on NYSE Euronext Paris. (As of Apr. 30, 2018)
Shareholders % of capital stock
Foreign institutional investors 55.1
French institutional investors 22.2
Employees shareholders 7.4
Private shareholders 6.7
Blackrock Inc. 5.7
Wendel 2.5
Treasury stock 0.4
total 100


Flat Glass
-ClimaCoat - Combination heated windshield and heat reflective windshield
-ComfortSky - Laminated glazed roof
-Thermocontrol - Infrared and UV heat reflective glazed glass
-Dark tinted glazed glass
-dBcontrol - Acoustic glazed glass
-Global protect - Acoustic and thermal insulated laminated glass
-LightWeight - Thin glazed glass
-Polymer glazed glass
-PlugNbridge - Lead free soldering of connectors
-BioSealtec - PVC from renewable resources for glazing frames
-Icecontrol - Toggled wiring system to heat windshield
-Aquacontrol - Hydrophobic glazing
-Head up display windshield
-Panoramic windshield
-Tennafit - Integrated antenna
-Modular glazing

High-Performance Materials
-Tolerance rings
-Insulating material
-Window films

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