Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. Business report FY2006

Business Highlights

Financial overview

in million JPY FY2006 FY2005 Rate of Change (%) Factors
Sales 320,427 300,249 6.7 -
Operating income 9,369 13,094 (28.4) -
Ordinary income 5,789 10,453 (44.6) -
Net income 6,015 5,378 11.8 -
Tire Business
Sales 218,399 200,807 8.8 OE tires: 
Although unit sales declined due to a decrease in production of vehicles, on which the Company's tires are used, overall revenue at the tire business increased year-on-year, thanks to greater sales of high value-added products. 
Operating income 8,169 12,310 (33.6) -
Automotive Parts Business
Sales 60,468 56,667 6.7

- Sales at the anti-vibration rubber segment were supported by an increase in the number of cars, in which the Company's products are used; greater production at the Company's North American subsidiary; and the launch of commercial production at the Company 's new subsidiary in China.  
- Revenue at the seat cushion segment was supported by strong demand for vehicles, in which the Company's products are used; as well as greater car production by automakers, following the release of new models. 

Operating income 219 (493) - -

Overseas busines
-Automotive parts business (China)
Toyo Automotive Parts (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. held its opening ceremony on May 10, 2007. The new subsidiary will manufacture anti-vibration rubber, becoming the Company's first production facility to manufacture this rubber in China, in order to support Japanese automakers' plants in the country. (From a press release on May 16, 2006) 

Domestic business
-Non-tire business
The Company announced that it will consolidate its non-tire business on April 1, 2007. It will integrate its two internal non-tire companies, the Processed Goods Company and the Automotive Parts Company, and will newly set up the Divertech Company. By improving its business efficiencies through the streamlined structure, the Company will expedite decision-making. (From an article in the Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun on Feb. 27, 2007)

Challenges for FY2007
-Tire Business
The Company will work on improving productivity at its new North American facility, which became fully operational in October 2006. The Group has positioned this plant as its supply hub of high performance tires in North America. By introducing sales strategies that match each market environment, the Company intends to improve its presence in fast growing markets, while increasing sales of high value-added products. It will also reduce production costs in order to enhance its level of profitability. 


R&D activities in fiscal year 2006
R&D expenditure
 (in million yen)
Development Topics
Overall 9,607 -
Tire Business 5,783 The technical center focuses its development activities for tires on the following:  - technology on tire design that incorporates both tire and vehicle behavior analysis;
- proprietary simulation technology for analyzing noise and abrasion levels for tires. 
- The Company built a production technology workshop on the premises of its technical center as a means of dealing with issues in elemental technology that are incurred in the process of developing production method and as a means of improving its production technology. 
Automotive parts business 1,383 - In the area of anti-vibration rubber products, the Company was active in joint development projects with a European anti-vibration rubber manufacturer. It developed new products for strategic vehicles destined for Japan, Europe and the U.S., which resulted in new business.
- In the area of chassis systems and engine suspension systems, the Company continued its effort to reduce development lead-time by employing advanced simulation and evaluation technology.
- The Company is working on developing light-weight parts which improve fuel economy and vehicle performance; and high-performance products such as next-generation active control mounts for the luxury-class vehicle market.
- The Tire Business Engineering Division, the Corporate Strategy Planning Division, and the Engineering Development Center are jointly working on research and development of next-generation suspensions, which provide greater ride comfort and improved driving stability by reducing vibration and noise. - The Company is working to reduce production costs by implementing revisions to production processes, procuring goods and materials from local-area sources, and setting up a global procurement structure.
- The Company is making further progress in seat cushion design based on a harmonious combination of function, design and production costs.

Investment Activities

Capital investment for fiscal 2006
Division Actual investment (in million yen) Objective of the investment
Overall 18,610 -
Tire business 13,116 Streamlining operations, improving quality, and increasing capacity to meet greater demand for high-grade tires
Automotive parts business 4,254 Streamlining operations, improving quality, and establishing a global supply structure. 

Capital investment projects for fiscal 2007
Division Planned amount of investment for fiscal 2007
(in million JPY)
Objective of the investment
Tire business 11,249 Streamlining operations, improving quality, and increasing capacity to meet greater demand for high-grade tires
Chemical and industrial products and automotive parts(*) 5,758 Streamlining operations, improving quality, and establishing a global supply structure. 
Centralized division 312 Strengthening research on basic technology and enhancing offices and welfare facilities. 
Total 17,319

*Note: Since the Company established Divertech Company by consolidating its chemical and industrial products business in April 2007, the planned amounts of investment at the two divisions were combined into one.