Archives of Past Exhibits: Federal-Mogul Corporation

2015 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

HTA - High Temperature Alloy

MicroTorq elastomeric seal

Instop multi-layer steel stopper

Acoutherm Lite sound absorbing heat shield

Thermcut heat shield

Al-Re heat shield

Irox polymer coating for bearings

Aluminum high wear resistance material for bearings

Next generation polymer coated washers

Glycodur maintenance-free material for bushings and washers

New bushing design for connecting rods

FO piston ring

LKZ oil ring

DuroGlide piston ring coating

CarboGlide piston ring coating

PVD piston ring coating

Monosteel diesel piston

EcoTough-D skirt coating for diesel pistons

DuraForm-G91 alloy for light vehicle diesel pistons

DuraBowl bowl rim reinforcement

Reinforced piston is the far left piston on the back row

EcoTough skirt coating for gasoline pistons

Gasoline piston with lightweight design

Gasoline piston with lightweight design

Sprayfit liner

Hybrid liner

As-cast aslock-type liner

ACIS - Advanced Corona Ignition System

Large precious metal spark pad

SureFire II ceramic spark plug

Spark plugs for CNG transit applications

High performance plug top coil

Hollow valves

Engine valves

Valve cotters

Spring retainer caps

Graded mechanical tappet with DLC coating

Turbocharger bushings, guides, liners, and rings

Enhanced lubrication for valve guides

Steel/cobalt material for valve seats

Lean tool steel material for valve seats

CrushShield 2442 sleeve

TwistTube 2473 electromagnetic shielding sleeve

FastWrap 2305 mechanical protection sleeve

ThermFlex exhaust system temperature insulation sleeve

ReflectShield thermal shielding

ReflexWrap 1466 thermal shielding

ShrinkGard 2800 abrasion resistant sleeve

LocatGuard 2700 mechanical protection sleeve

Front wiper arm and blade

High performance copperless friction materials

2013 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show


Brake pads

Heat shield and protection tube



Cylinder Liner

Piton Ring

Ignition components

Valve Seats and Guides


FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress

FLAT- INSTALL oil seal

Unipistons piston sealing

MicroTorq Low friction oil seal


LASPOT Multilayer steel gasket Technology

INSTOP Multilayer steel gasket Technology

Spark plug

Valve seat

Piston ring

Piston ring

Hybrid cylinder liner

Monostee Piston

Durabowl Piston

Electromagnetic shield

Heat shield

NVH sealing

Heat shield


Connecting rod bush


Brake pad

Drum brake lining

Brake pads for city buses and garbage trucks

Brake pads for trucks coaches and trailers

2010 Delhi Auto Expo (India)

Automotive lamp  
Al-Re (TM) Heat shield LEM (TM)
(Liquid Elastomer Molding)
Image   Image  
FLAT-INSTALL (TM) Seal MagnePulse (TM)
Image   Image  
Aluminum diesel piston Piston ring

Image   Image  
Semi-metallic disc brake pad Low steel disc brake pad
Image   Image  
Drum brake lining Friction material
Image   Image  
Brake pad / Shoe