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China Auto Parts And Service Show 2014

Zhongshan Nissin Industry Co., Ltd. Front brake caliper

Installed vehicle: Honda "CR-V" 80% of the products are supplied to Honda.

ABS-Anti-lock braking system

VSA-Vehicle stability systems

Brake booster assemblies

Reservoir assemblies

Tokyo Motor Show 2013

Front knuckle for Light Weight Vehicle

- Lightweight knuckle made from cast aluminum: 45 percent lighter than cast-iron products Installed vehicle: Suzuki "ALTO ECO" "Spacia"

Low-Dragging Brake Caliper (Front)

- 85 percent reduction in driving resistance compared to existing products

Electric Parking Brake (Rear)

Rear Toe Control

Installed vehicle: Honda "Acura RLX"

Next Generation Lightweight ESC -NK31V-

- World’s lightest ESC system (25 percent lighter than existing products) - Controls the adaptive cruise control system and the electric parking brake system -ECU: Honda Elesys

Master Cylinder and Master Power

Electric Servo Brake -NK30-

Installed vehicles: Honda "Accord Hybrid", "Fit Hybrid", "Fit EV" -ECU: Honda Motor -Motor: Mitsuba -Production: Ueda city, Nagano, Japan

Tokyo Motor Show 2011

Front brake caliper

Front brake caliper (Reverse pin type)

Electric vaccum pump

Hydraulic booster system (Power unit)

Installed vehicles: Honda "FCX", "Civic Hybrid"

Hydraulic booster system (Servo unit)

Installed vehicles: Honda "FCX", "Civic Hybrid"

Brake caliper

ESC Modulator

Proportioning control valve

Front brake caliper

Pre-filled clutch system

Master cylinder & Master power

Rear caliper & Brake assembly with knuckle

Tokyo Motor Show 2005

Break System Technology

VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist)
Wheel sensor, rudder angle and side-accelerator detect the body condition, and then the electronic control unit (ECU) analyzes it. The modulator makes automatic control of the output power of wheel brake and engine.    

ABS (Anti-lick brake system)
The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) analyzes the wheel condition which the wheel sensor has detected. The modulator makes automatic control of  the break strength.

TCS (Traction Control System)
This system enables a smooth start on the slippery road surface (snowy and/or icy road).

Light Weight
-Utilizing the aluminum casting and machining technologies, the Company focused on the light weight products. Samples are calipers and  knuckles whose materials were replaced from iron to aluminum and the Company made efforts to manufacture them on commercial base with expectation of business enlargement.

Carbon nanotube-aluminum composite