FAW Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd. Wuxi Diesel Engine Works -FY2010

Business Highlights

Financial overview

-For FY2010, the Company sold 436,000 diesel engines, with an increase of 18% year-on-year, and 13,000 modified models, with an increase of 58%. The total sales of the Company in 2010 was 13 billion yuan, increased 36%.

Building new facility 

-On July 12, the Company broke ground at the plant site of a production facility being built to produce heavy-duty diesel engines. The company is investing 2 billion yuan in this project, aiming to initially launch a production line in March 2012 capable of producing 50,000 11-liter CA6DM engines a year. The plant will eventually be able to manufacture 100,000 heavy-duty engines, including the CA6DM and the 13-liter CA6DN engines. (From a press release, July 14, 2010)

Export diesel engines to Indonesia

-A large volume of four diesel engines, which are the CA6DM2-42E3, CA6DM2-42, CA6DL1-30, and CA6DF2D-22,  manufactured by the Company  will  be exported  to the Indonesian market. (From a press release, June 23, 2010)

Award from Jinbei Light Trucks

-The Company was awarded the Excellent Supplier Award for FY2009 from Shenyang Jinbei Vehicle, earning the honor for two years in a row. The company has been supplying engines for Jinbei light trucks since 2007. The volume it has been supplying to Shenyang Jinbei Vehicle has been increasing significantly. It supplied 635 engines in 2007, 5,146 in 2008, and 14,000 vehicles in 2009. (From a press release, January 26, 2010)


R&D facilities

- Has its own R&D center.
Affiliated Institutes (2 companies)
- Changchun Automobile Research Institute
- Wuxi Spherical Graphite Cast Iron Institute

Product development

-The Company, in cooperation with FAW Technical Center, completed new platforms that will manufacture the company's entire diesel-engine series, making them all China IV compliant. The company has already finished developing the CA6DM2-42E4, the CA6DN1-50E4, the CA6DL1-32E4, the CA6DL2-35E4, the CA6DL1-29E4R, and the CA6DL2-35E4R, and has begun producing some of these in small lots. In response to stricter emissions controls for mini vehicles in the future the company is working on developing new platforms for the 4DW, the 4DX, and the CA4DF4 4-cylinder diesel engines, which will be designed to comply with the China IV emissions standards. The company has already completed the design work on the new CA4DF4 and the 4DWE4 platforms, and has begun manufacturing prototypes of them. Within the year, the prototypes will be completed and real-car testing will begin. In the new energy segment, the Company is developing a natural gas engine compliant with the China IV standards. The company has already completed the prototype of the 6SL2-31E4N and is now in the process of making a prototype of a 13-liter high-power natural gas engine.

-On March 31, the Company held a ceremony to celebrate the nationwide release of its Jiefang J6 Aowei 6DM 11L diesel engine designed for heavy-duty vehicles. (From a press release, April 12, 2010)

Products passed Indonesian emissions control standard

-Four diesel engines manufactured by the Company passed the emissions control standard set by the Indonesian government. The four engines are the CA6DM2-42E3, CA6DM2-42, CA6DL1-30, and CA6DF2D-22.. (From a press release, June 23, 2010)