Shanghai SIIC Transportation Electric Co., Ltd. - FY2009-FY2011

Business Highlights

2011Financial Overview

- For FY 2011, the Company reached sales of 1,110.89 million yuan, increased by 10.03%.


- Shanghai SIIC Transportation Electric Co., Ltd. (STEC) was awarded as the sole supplier of GM global DZXX and S4500 speaker projects on March 30. The SORP time of export DZXX and S4500 speakers is in September 2014. The combined annual average demand of these two projects is about 2 million speakers, nearly a quarter of the Company’s 2011 total production. (From a press release on March 30, 2012)

- On August 23, 2011, Shanghai Brose Automotive Components Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Company, its Nanjing Cooling Fan plant passed Shanghai VW’s onsite review. Shanghai VW carried out review on Shanghai Brose Automotive Components Co., Ltd.’s Model Z and Model H cooling fan projects. (From a press release on September 15, 2011)

- On May 18 2011, Shanghai Brose Automotive Components Co., Ltd. held a board meeting for approval to add seat frames and cooling fan assemblies business to the company's business scope. (From a press release on June 3, 2011)

- On February 21 201, the Company’s independent development MODEL-Z rear sunshade controller module was recognized by German Volkswagen BMG.The MODEL-Z sunshade controller module is the company's first electronic product recognized by German Volkswagen BMG. (From a press release on February 21, 2011)

New Production Facility

- Shanghai Brose Automotive (SBA) opened a new production facility in Shanghai, with an investment of around 6 million euros. SBA currently manufactures window regulators, seat systems and door systems for such customers as Shanghai Volkswagen, Changan Ford Motor Company and Shanghai General Motors. With the expansion of its manufacturing capacity at the new facility, the company is now ready for the additional production of complete seat structures and cooler/fan modules. (From a press release on November 26, 2009)


New Product Line Off

- On July 15, 2011, Shanghai ArvinMeritor Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. (SAMAP), which will change name to Shanghai Inteva Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. held a ceremony to celebrate the release of its 1million sunroofs off the production line. SAMAP released its 500 thousand sunroofs at the end of 2009. Concurrently, SAMAP has more than 250 employees and 5 production lines. (From a press release on July 15, 2011)

- Nanjing Shenhua Automotive Electronic Co., Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Shanghai SIIC Transportation Electric Co., Ltd. (STEC), held a ceremony to celebrate the release of its N300 electronic instrument panel off the production line. The N300 series were developed in-house and announced on January 18, 2011. Concurrently, STEC also began producing three other new products at its Qingpu Plant in Shanghai. The three items are a body control module, a power window anti-trap module, and a shade curtain sensor for rear windows. (From news releases issued by multiple sources on February 12, 2011)

- On March 25, Shenhua Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. which is a joint venture company between Donghua Automotive Industrial Co., Ltd. and the Company, held a ceremony to celebrate both its one-year anniversary and the release of its first window regulators off the production line. The project to form Shenhua Automotive Electronics was initiated in June 2008. The company started commercial operations in March 2009. Investment in this project totaled 40 million yuan, of which 45 percent was invested by Donghua Automotive and 55 percent by the Company. In addition to already supplying its products for buses and light-duty trucks produced by Iveco, the company is planning to expand its customer base by supplying them for use also on the Roewe R75 and AP11 manufactured by Shanghai Automotive, and also for use on vehicles made by Liuzhou Wuling. (From a press release, March 30, 2010)


- On November 4, 2011, Shanghai SIIC Transportation Electric Co., Ltd. (STEC) received the Green Supplier Award for 2010-2011 from Shanghai GM. (From a press release, November 2011)

- Shanghai Inteva Automotive Door Systems, a joint venture of Inteva Products and the Company was honored by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation Group (SAIC) as the Excellent Engineering Development Supplier for 2010. Only 13 suppliers out of 680 were named for the 2010 SAIC Best Supplier awards. SDADS has been providing latches for SAIC’s Roewe brand sedan and MG models since 2008. (From a press release, March 15, 2011)

-The Company was awarded "Excellent Supplier" of GM North America in 2008.


- The Company owns a technical center.

- On September 21, Shanghai Inteva Automotive Door Systems Co., Ltd. held a ceremony of building its engineering center. (From a press release on September 21, 2011)