Shanghai Jiao Yun Co., Ltd. Highlights for FY2005/FY2006

Business Highlights

Start up of productions at new joint venture
-Yantai Zhongrui Automobile Parts Co., Ltd., a subsidiary to produce stamping parts, started operations in December 2005. The new company supplies stamping components mainly to Shanghai GM Dong Yue Motors

Moving of production facilities
(as of May 2006) 
- Construction of a new plant of Shanghai Jiaoyun Automotive Parts Co., Ltd at the Baihe town, Qingpu District in the neighborhood of Shanghai VW was completed, and its production  started in May 2006. This plant also became independent by the change of the organization and its name was changed to Shanghai Jiaoyun Automobile Precision Stamping Parts Co., Ltd. Its annual production capacity for 2007 is targeted at one million sets.

・A plan to move the production facilities of a joint venture, Shanghai Lomason Automotive Seating Systems Co., Ltd. to Anting in the suburbs of Shanghai where Shanghai GM is located, is proceeding. The new plant was almost completed in 2005, and is now preparing for start-up of operations. After relocation, the organization is to be changed and its company name is also to be changed to Shanghai Intier Jiaoyun Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.. Annual production of seat frames is targeted at 700,000 for 2008.


- Two main products under development as of December 2005 were;
   - CF6 automatic transmission shift system (to be delivered to Shanghai GM)
   - L850 connecting rod 

Investment Activities

Major investment projects as of Dec. 2005: (in million yuan)
Project Estimated amount of total investment  Invested in 2005
million yuan

Progress as of 
Dec. 2005


Transfering its subsidiary, Shanghai Lomason Automotive Serating System Co., Ltd., to Anting 76.00 68.59
Under construction
(Has invested 101% of the planned amount of investment)   
Transfering Shanghai Lomason Automotive Serating System Co., Ltd. to Anting.
Constructing new production facility

105.34 35.12
Under construction
(Has invested 55% of the planned amount of investment)   
Constructing Shanghai Jiaoyun Automobile Fine Blanking Co.,Ltd.'s new production facility in Baihe Town, Qingpu

Increasing welding capacity for module products for passenger vehicles  29.78 2.03
Under construction
(Has invested 60% of the planned amount of investment)  

Upgrading equipment at Pudong Jinqiao, Plant of Shanghai Jiaoyun Co., Ltd. Automobile Parts Branch Company.

Increasing production capacity for complex stamping parts for passenger vehicles 29.70 -
Under construction  (Has invested 32% of the planned amount of investment)  Upgrading equipment at Zhongshan South Plant of Jiaoyun Co., Ltd. Automobile Parts Branch Company
Renewing casting and welding machines for clutch housings    26.00 9.32
Under construction 
(Has invested 36% of the planned amount of investment)
Upgrading equipment at Shanghai Jiaoyun Auto Power Components Co., Ltd.
Developing CF6 automatic transmission system 373.61 41.92
Under construction  ( 11% of total budget already invested)  Adding production equipment at Shanghai Jiaoyun Auto Power Components Co., Ltd.
- Capital investment for 2005 increased 217.58% year-on-year to 195.79 million yuan.