Shanghai Jiaoyun Group Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



No.288, Hengfeng Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai, China

Business Overview

- The Company's main products are automatic planetary gears, camshaft phasing adjustment systems, connecting rods, seat frames, seat reclining adjusters, stamped parts for automotive bodies, reinforcements, automotive powertrain key components, body and body accessories and so on.

- Major customers are SAIC GM, SAIC VW, FAW-VW, etc.

 -In 2016, the largest sales is automotive parts, reaching 3,088.98 million yuan, accounting for 37.12%. Sales of passenger vehicles and aftermarket was 2,481.098 million yuan, accounting for 29.82%. Other businesses accounting for 33.06%.


Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange

The four largest shareholders (as of Dec. 2016)
Shareholder Shareholding ratio
Shanghai J.Y.(Group) Company 31.92%
Shanghai Guosheng Group Co., Ltd. 15.11%
Shanghai Jiushi Company 2.65%
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, ICBC 1.75%
Others 48.72%
Total 100%


Seat parts
- Seat frames
- Seat reclining adjusters
- Lifting seat frames

Stamping parts
- Front/rear bumper beams
- Headrest fixing plates
- Instrument board carriers
- Dash panels
- Dash panel reinforcements
- Door beams
- Wheel housings
- Tail lamp housings
- Longitudinal members
- Door hinges
- Trunk lid hinges
- Engine hood locks
- Rear bumper shock absorber brackets
- Floor panel extensions
- Floor tunnels

Powertrain parts
- Automatic transmission (A/T) shift systems
- A/T planetary gears
- Transmission brackets
- Camshaft phasing adjustment systems
- Oil deflectors
- Friction wheels
- Connecting rods


Sep. 1984 Shanghai Steel Transportation Corp. was established.
July 1993 It was formed into a stock company and reestablished as Shanghai Steel Transportation Co., Ltd.
Sep. 1993 Listed on the Shanghai stock exchange
Feb. 1996 Established Shanghai Lomason Automotive Seating Systems Co., Ltd. jointly with Magna Lomason Company of Canada.
July 1997 Adopted the current company name 'Shanghai Jiao Yun Co., Ltd.' and started automotive parts manufacturing and sales. 
July 2001 Established Jia Yun & CITIC Auto Power Components Co., Ltd. (renamed to Shanghai Jiaoyun Auto Power Components Co., Ltd., as of 2005) jointly with CITIC Shanghai. 
Sep. 2004 Established Yantai Zhongrui Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. jointly with Shandong Laizhou Yatong Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to manufacture stamping parts.
Jul. 2009 Reorganized its auto parts production operations, establishing Shanghai Jiao Yun Co., Ltd. Automobile Parts Manufacturing Branch Company.
June 2012 Shanghai Jiao Yun Co., Ltd. has adopted a new corporate name, the Shanghai Jiao Yun Group Co., Ltd.

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