2014 Guangzhou International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

Iveco Daily and new models from JAC and Sichuan Hyundai Motor on display



The 2nd Guangzhou International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

The 2nd Guangzhou International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition was held, annexed to the Guangzhou Motor Show, from November 20, 2014. It was held in the City of Guangzhou, China, some 3,000km southwest of Tokyo.

Many commercial vehicle (truck) expositions in China are held in parallel with the motor show held biennially in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, etc. The largest commercial vehicle exposition which is held separately from motor shows is the biennial China Commercial Vehicles Show in Wuhan (the next one will be held in November 2015).

The commercial vehicle exhibition in Guangzhou may be smaller in scale. But it is one of the important international exhibitions playing a key role in the Zhu Jiang delta market for high-end commercial vehicles. The event is co-organized by local logistics and transportation organizations in Guangzhou, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Society of Automotive Engineers of China. It had 31 small to large manufacturers in total as compared to only 20 exhibitors in Beijing Motor Show.

Guangzhou International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

Guangzhou International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

Main exhibits:

The big three truck manufacturers- FAW, Dongfeng Motor Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. and China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd., did not participate in the exhibition. A Dongfeng Motor Commercial Vehicle's subsidiary was present. GAC Hino Motors displayed its products at the Guangzhou Transportation Fair that was held in late August and was absent from this commercial vehicle exhibition. The following were the main exhibits:

* 1) All-new light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles by Janghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. (JAC) and Sichuan Hyundai Motor, and the Iveco Daily that was introduced at the IAA.

* 2) Among heavy-duty vehicles on display were the all-new lightweight tractors by Shaanxi Heavy Duty Vehicle, and all-new CNG trucks by Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.

* 3) Other exhibits included steel lorries for transporting oil and natural gas, and a variety of rear bodies.

(Chinese light-duty trucks are designed after Japanese and the heavy-duty trucks after European counterparts, respectively.)

Recent trends in Chinese markets:

Recent trends in Chinese markets

Recent trends in Chinese markets

Photo: Street views of Guangzhou and trucks on display in the outdoor exhibition yard

The truck market in China remained stagnant until 2012 due to the government's economic policies and suppression of excess infrastructure construction. There was a sign of recovery in 2013 with an upward demand for logistics and last-minute demand before the introduction of new exhaust gas emission standards. But the truck sales (medium- and heavy-duty trucks) from January to November 2014 fell 9.2% year on year (y/y) to 658,000 units. The truck market (medium- and heavy-duty trucks) in the same period was led by Dongfeng Motor Commercial Vehicle (market share of 24%), followed by China National Heavy Duty Truck Group (18%), FAW Group (13%), Beijing Foton Motor (9%) and Shaanxi Heavy Duty Vehicle (8%).

In the keynote speech at the Global Automotive Forum in Wuhan held in October, a top executive of Dongfeng Motor Commercial Vehicle suggested future directions for the truck manufacturers in China on a long range. He indicated three directions of development for the Chinese truck manufacturers to win competition and lead the global truck market. (Source: ChinaTrucks.com)

"After the rapid growth, the heavy-duty truck market in China will see transformation within the next few years. The Chinese market will outgrow the markets in Europe and North America and win a global market share of 30%. To make this happen, the Chinese manufacturers will need to observe the following changes to preempt trends of new development."

1) Chinese manufacturers will no longer be able to rely on production quantity. They will need to focus on quality in order to meet truck development requirements.

2) The customer will focus not only on price but also on reliability and operational efficiency as they needed upgrades. Customer's needs are changing. They will be looking, not for low-priced trucks, but for the total cost of ownership of trucks to engage in highly efficient and important logistics operation.

3) Truck manufacturers should not be content by meeting users' transportation needs alone. They should change their standpoints and provide more value as well as trucks for users. To do so, they will need to continuously offer advice about trucks, driver training, and service and maintenance throughout the life cycle of a truck.

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JAC unveils medium-duty trucks


JAC is a manufacturer of light- and medium-duty trucks but also produces heavy-duty trucks. JAC had the largest booth on the exhibition venue and displayed 9 models of light- to medium-duty trucks.

JAC held a press conference on the first day of the exhibition about the 5- to 8-ton medium-duty trucks debuting during the Guangzhou exhibition. The top executive in charge of development, manufacturing and sales removed the red cover and posed for photo-taking session as usual in front of the new models. JAC exhibited a broad range of all-new medium-duty and other trucks. They are designed especially for high-end fleet users that demand efficient and quality logistics to serve southern China characterized by economic convergence and expansion of distribution.

JAC Visda (4×2 cab chassis for cargo body)


A sibling that shares the cab with the JAC Visda was exhibited at the Beijing Motor Show. The Visda, shown above, is an entirely new model equipped with the new Navistar engine and the newly-developed frame and powertrain.

The Visda was developed jointly by JAC R&D Center, design and engineering centers in Italy, Japan and China, and JAC Navistar Engine (Joint venture with a U.S. maker). According to the exhibitor, the Vista is an innovative truck, equipped with parts and technologies supplied by Bosch, Ricardo plc and other companies, that meets European and Japanese global standards.

* Vehicle type: HFC1121P70K1E1

* A 4x2 chassis designed exclusively for cargo with 4,700mm to 5,700mm wheelbase.

* The truck on display has 2,280mm cab width, 5,300mm wheelbase, and 9,000mm overall length.

* Deck width 2,467mm and 5.5- to 8-ton payload. Corresponds to intermediate class (medium- to heavy-duty) trucks in Japan.

* Super-steel frame for safety and load durability * Lightweight web-frame with minimum riveting * Optimum harness and air piping layout * ABS+2-way full-wedge brake * 50-liter urea aqueous solution tank with a blue cap * Navistar engine (Maxxforce) is standard on new models * Inline 4-cylinder 4.8-liter 165hp common rail injection with SCR compliant with China IV emission standard.
* Vista van with 8-ton payload and FRP cold storage, 9,815mm length, 2,540mm width and 3,700mm height. The truck on display is fitted with Dongfeng Cummins 4.5-liter 160hp engine. * Standard cab with a flat deck and 2 to 3-ton payload (the cab of this light-duty and medium-duty models looks very similar to Isuzu Elf cab).

New high-end mini-truck X series by JAC


New X series of high-end mini-trucks by JAC

The prototype was exhibited at the Beijing Motor Show. A production model that rolled off toward the end of October was exhibited at the Guangzhou exhibition.

According to the exhibitor, the 'winsome' modern-looking truck developed for intra-city and short-distance transportation was designed in Italy, Japan and China. It has 0.75 to 1-ton payload and a long, low deck along with small-diameter tires in the rear.

The mini-truck is fitted with a 2.8-liter 85hp maximum Navistar diesel engine.

The truck is available in three grades with the price ranging from JPY 1.44 million to JPY 1.63 million.

Sichuan Hyundai Motor introduces all-new truck Ruiyue

Sichuan Hyundai Motor

Sichuan Hyundai Motor is a joint venture established in 2012 by South Korea's Hyundai Motor and Sichuan Nanjun Automotive Group. In May 2014, production of the TRAGO, its heavy-duty flagship truck, started. It was followed by the announcement of the Ruiyue series of all-new light-duty trucks by Sichuan Hyundai Motor.

The company exhibited heavy-duty TRAGO 6x2 tractor and 8x4 cab chassis. A press conference by the company's top executives in charge of development, production and sales was held about the all-new light-duty truck Ruiyue in front of the trucks.

Sichuan Hyundai Motor had its booth at the Guangzhou venue that looked similar to those at the Beijing Motor Show and the IAA commercial vehicles exhibition in Germany. The company holds small-scale exhibitions in various cities in China. This conveys the company's enthusiasm in promoting sales of Hyundai trucks in Chinese markets.

All-new light-duty truck Ruiyue

Hyundai Motor manufactures several types of light-duty trucks. They have grown outdated and there was a growing need for new models for delivery markets. The company decided to develop the much-awaited high-end light-duty strategic trucks to coincide with the completion of the new plant in Sichuan.

The external appearance of the Ruiyue is made similar to that of the heavy-duty truck Trago which is already in the market. This indicates the company's aspiration to serialize Sichuan Hyundai's trucks.

The front logo of "CHMC" stands for Sichuan Hyundai Motor Company.



The truck is presented as a high-end light-duty truck that provides the ease of handling and driving comfort. Special attention is drawn to the in-style wedge-like belt line (under the side windows), the large, high-visibility headlamps in European styling with hexahedral boxy style, the model logo and front mark, stylish exterior design with soft and rigid impressions, and the seats, instrument panel and other interior components.

The truck has a 'king cab' style with a 430mm wide space for a makeshift bed (upper left photo), which is unique in the Chinese market. The single cab type truck only has seats for three (photos below).


Both trucks have overall length of 6m or shorter with an external cab width of 1,880mm, an internal deck width of 2,050mm and length ranging from 3,830 to 4,180mm. They have 2 to 3-ton payload and are built for a flat cargo body. It can be turned into a steel-made van as well.

The trucks are powered by Yuchai's 3.0-liter 115hp engine or Yunneidongli's 145hp engine, both of Chinese origin.

The frame and all other main components were renewed at the time the previous model was remodeled.

A press conference was held using a large screen to appeal the sales points of the new model from design to performance. Some of them are reproduced below.



Heavy-duty truck Trago

Production of the Trago started in South Korea in 2013. It was unveiled in China at the Beijing Motor Show.

The light-duty truck, introduced above, was the main exhibit. Other exhibits included the 6x2 (2 front axle steering) and 8x4 long chassis that are new to the series. These along with their ergonomically designed comfortable and spacious cabs complete the lineup much awaited in the high-end heavy-duty truck market in China.

* 8×4 long cargo chassis with trunnion leaf suspension (short wheelbase version has dump and mixer options) * 6×2 tractor with lightweight leaf suspension. Both trucks have 2 front-axles electrohydraulic power steering.
* Powered by Hyundai Powertech's 13-liter 410hp engine mated with a 12-speed manual transmission
Inside the high-roof version (with available bunk bed) Roundish instrument panel designed for greater ease of control (supplied by Hyundai Motor)

Iveco (China) uncovers all-new Iveco Daily


Semi-bonnet type vans and wagons are popular in Europe, U.S. and China although their marketability may be rather low in Japan.

The Iveco Daily has been around in China for some time back. It is widely used by public security agencies, government agencies and logistics service providers. Iveco had a small booth at the Guangzhou exhibition with the all-new Daily at the center and the Stralis heavy-duty truck and the Eurocargo caravan on sides.

A press conference was held on the first day for the fully renewed Daily that was exhibited earlier at the IAA commercial vehicles exhibition in Germany.


The Iveco Daily was awarded the Van of the Year 2015 at the IAA exhibition. It has several variants in Europe in terms of inner dimensions and load capacities. The Daily is supplied as the vehicle base for Renault and Peugeot trucks.

The Daily on display is a medium-duty truck with 7-ton GVW, 4.1m wheelbase and 18 cubic meter load capacity. It is powered by a 3-liter 170hp engine. The cargo room is of a plain and rational style as in European versions with exposed shell structure inside.



Iveco has established a joint venture with a local Chinese capital and is supplying heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The company exhibited the Stralis, a heavy-duty tractor that was exhibited earlier at the IAA commercial vehicles exhibition 2014, painted in the China color (red).

The 6x4 tractor has air suspensions in the 2 rear axles and 39-ton Gross Combination Weight (GCW) and is powered by a 13-liter 500hp engine.

Genlyon by SAIC Iveco

Genlyon In 2006, SAIC and Iveco established a joint venture, the SAIC Iveco Commercial Vehicle Investment Co., Ltd. In 2007, another joint venture, the SAIC-Iveco Hongyan Commercial vehicle Co., Ltd., was established. The Iveco trucks are exhibited at commercial vehicle exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and other places. The vehicles are based on Iveco's heavy-duty truck, Stralis. The company exhibited 2-axle short-distance and 3-axle long-distance high-end tractors.

Genlyon 2-axle truck with 35-ton GCW and powered by 9-liter 280hp engine Genlyon 3-axle model with leaf suspension and 40-ton GCW and powered by 13-liter 430hp engine Both trucks are powered by the Iveco Corsor engine.

Shaanxi Heavy Duty Vehicle unveils all-new Delong X3000 tractor and M3000 dump truck

Shaanxi Heavy Duty Vehicle

Shaanxi Heavy Duty Vehicle was established in 1968. Its head office and plant are located in Xian in Shanxi province in China. The company has a solid history as a leading automaker that mainly develops and manufactures 8×4, 6×6, 6×4 and other heavy-duty vehicles. Shaanxi Heavy Duty Vehicle also manufactures axles, engines and other key components under license by Cummins and MAN. Weichai, one of the leading engine manufacturers in China, also belongs to the group.

Delong X3000 tractor

The Delong X3000 tractor was developed to meet the changing requirements for high efficiency, reliability and driving comfort in the logistics market. It has two variants, the lightweight and the high-speed types. Shown in photo below is the lightweight long-distance tractor displayed at the Guangzhou commercial vehicle exhibition.

* The 6×4 tractor has lightweight leaf suspension, 40-ton GCW and 600-liter fuel tank. Fitted with the WP type 11.6-liter 375hp engine supplied by a Chinese manufacturer, Weichai. The 12-speed manual transmission, front and rear axles, etc., are supplied by MAN and other manufacturers. The cab interior and exterior are of the original design.

* The European-styled interior features an ergonomically designed instrument panel and a 6.2-inch monitor that may be used as a GPS navigation display.

Shaanxi Heavy Duty Vehicle

Shaanxi Heavy Duty Vehicle

Shaanxi Heavy Duty Vehicle

Delong M3000 urban construction dump truck Dump trucks that are manufactured in China are used, for instance, for carrying coal in Inner Mongolia (such as 8x4 dump trucks). The dump truck on display is an all-new truck developed exclusively for urban development and construction use. The 6x4 truck has a 12.5-ton payload and is fitted with a 400-liter fuel tank.

The M3000 is powered by Weichai's WP type 10-liter 270hp engine. The 10-speed manual transmission, front and rear axles, etc., are supplied by MAN and the cab is taken from MAN's existing model (TGS series). The bumpers and the front components are newly developed for the truck.

Exhibits by Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle

Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle

Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 by Dongfeng Motor Corporation, the largest automaker in China, as a special commercial vehicle division of Dongfeng Motor Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. The company manufactures original chassis and cabs for special vehicles. It also manufactures a variety of specialized bodies that include fire engines, tank lorries, CNG vehicles, log transporter trucks and all-wheel drive vehicles.

The company only had a small booth where it exhibited all-new CNG tractor, road sweeper, and a military vehicle that had a close resemblance to a Hummer.

Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle Road sweepers are common landscape in cities. The 16-ton GVW road sweeper is powered by 180hp Cummins engine. Photo (right): The 4x4 military vehicle has 60% climbing and 1.5m snorkeling capacities
* The road sweeper has maximum watering range of 3.7 to 4.0m * Gladiator for military use

All-new LNG tractor "Gangtuo" by Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle

Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle

The 4x4 LNG tractor is an all-new model but it was displayed in a rather modest manner. It was introduced as a tractor for ocean containers and short-distance deliveries.

There is a broad variety of cab styles in China, whether they come from large manufacturers or smaller ones, or regardless of groups. The LNG tractor has Dongfeng's original style. The tractor is designed for short-distance transportation but it features a bed and rear spoilers that provide good visual impression and high quality.

The 4×2 tractor has 30-ton GCW, leaf suspensions and 3,950mm wheelbase. It is fitted with Yuchai's 8.4-liter 280hp engine. It has a 450-liter LNG tank on the left side of the chassis.

Balong M7 tractor and other trucks by Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor

Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd. was established as a subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor Corporation in 1954 in Liuzhou province in southern China. In 1969, the company started producing vehicles ranging from small passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks. In 1981, it became the first manufacturer in China to manufacture medium-duty diesel trucks. In 2003, the company developed its first heavy-duty trucks. Today, the company develops and manufactures several types of trucks using European technologies.

Its passenger cars carry Dongfeng logos but medium- and heavy-duty trucks are sold under the company's original logos.

Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor exhibited five vehicles including medium-duty street sweepers and heavy-duty trucks.

Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor

Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor * Medium-duty 4×2 cab chassis with a single frame ('intermediate' class in Japan) * 5,100mm wheelbase, 8-ton payload, powered by Yuchai's 4.3-liter 160hp engine. Sold with appeal for safety and economy. Displayed with a cargo body.
Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor * Heavy-duty 4x2 street sweeper with large water tank and sweeper on both sides * 5,100mm wheelbase, 16-ton GVW, 5-ton water tank, powered by DongKang's 6.7-liter 210hp engine. 3.7m to 4m sweeper range.
Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor * Heavy-duty 6×2 truck with a dry cargo van body (equivalent to 2 front-axle trucks in Japan). * 5,600mm+1,800mm wheelbase, 9,600mm×2,480mm internal body size, 21-ton GVW, powered by Yuchai's 310hp engine

Flagship tractor Balong M7

The Balong M7 was announced toward the end of 2013 as a high-end tractor for the rapidly growing logistics markets in central and southern China. Its production started in 2014. The 6x4 tractor with 40-ton GVW and leaf suspensions is powered by Yuchai's 10.4-liter 400hp engine or optional Dongfeng Cummins engine.

The tractor is fitted with a 12-speed manual transmission (with an aluminum gearbox) and 600-liter fuel tank.

Balong M7

Balong M7 * The European-styled cab is based on the Renault Premium. * The front and bumper components, fenders and steps are of original design. * The 4-point air suspension cab has a flat floor and is 1,900mm high. * Roundish instrument panel designed for greater ease of control

Balong M7

Exhibits by Foton Motor

Foton Motor Foton Motor, a leading manufacturer, exhibited 5 vehicles including light-duty trucks and pickup trucks. They were all existing models with 4.25 to 4.5-ton GVW, 2 to 3-ton payload, with a steel van, flat body, etc.

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