FAW Group (Part 2): Strategies and model plans for own-brand vehicles

18 new models to be launched within next five years



FAW own-brand's units sales
▽Target to sell 2 million own-brand vehicle units in 2015 delayed until 2020

  Actual unit sales by the China FAW Group by brand showed that sales of VW/Audi grew rapidly, while sales of Toyota and Mazda remained stagnant. Sales of China FAW's own-brand vehicles, the focus of this report, have been sluggish due to delays in remodeling and other factors. Compared to plan, actual unit sales have been decreasing for the past few years, and the target to sell over two million own brand vehicles in 2015 has been delayed to 2020.

▽Group plans to launch 18 new vehicle models (both commercial and passenger vehicles) over the next five years

  The Group has been advancing activities on its own-brand vehicles recently, in terms of developing engines, core products for eco-friendly vehicles, chassis, and production technology. The Group has gained enough knowledge about VW's, Audi's, Toyota's, and Mazda's technology, and also learned enough about production methods, to the point where it can now on its own build finished-vehicle platforms and develop core parts. The Group announced that it will launch a total of 18 own-brand, new vehicles between 2016 and 2020.

▽Consolidating mini- and small-car sales network; expanding Jiefang commercial-vehicle sales network farther west

  The Group is reorganizing its small-car sales network that includes FAW Jilin's light vehicles, FAW Car's passenger cars, Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile's compact passenger cars, etc. In addition, it is developing its commercial-vehicle sales network covering vehicles built by FAW Jiefang and FAW Bus & Coach, expanding further into western China.

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Organization chart for China FAW Group

Organization chart for China FAW Group

Delays year target for selling over 2 million units of own-brand vehicles, to 2020

  In the Group's 12th, five-year sales target (announced in April 2011), the Group set a target to sell over 2 million of its own-brand vehicles by 2015. However, the Group has now delayed this target to 2020.

  In addition, the Group's chance to achieve its 2015 target of selling over 5 million units (which includes sales of its foreign affiliates' brands) seems unlikely at this point. The Group's official releases do not mention this subject, but this target might become its mid- to long-term target for 2025, or 2020 at the earliest. Actual 2013 total unit sales were just under 2.9 million units. The plan for 2014 is to sell 3.4 million units, a figure that is 1.6 million units fewer than the 5 million units targeted for 2015, which was decided four years ago.

Own-brand vehicle sales targets

▽Total Group sales target (planned)
* 2014 (calendar year basis)
  Over 3.4 million units (This is the total of all Group sales including sales of foreign-affiliates' vehicles based on factory shipments. Exported vehicles are included, imported vehicles are not. The same applies below.) Actual unit sales in 2013 were just under 2.9 million.
* 2020
  n.a. (Includes 2 million unit own-brand vehicle sales, as announced in May 2014)
* Mid-to long-term (by 2025)
  Over 5 million units (possibly could be achieved by 2020 at the earliest)

  Note: The FAW Group's 2015 sales targets announced in April 2011, and the actual progress in terms of achieving these, are outlined below.
Unit sales: 5 million units, including 2 million own-brand vehicles (Considered difficult to achieve, considering 2013 actual unit sales were just under 2.9 million)
Share of the Chinese market: 20% (Considered difficult to achieve, with 2013 market share at 13.2%)
Monetary sales: CNY 600 billion (Considered achievable in 2014)
Net profit: CNY 40 billion (Achieved three years earlier, in 2012)


Own-brand unit sales targets at subsidiaries from 2014 onward

 Note: The breakdown of each company's actual sales is given at the end of this report. Refer to: FAW Group's sales volumes by type,model, and OEM

▽FAW Car: Sales results in 2013: 248,000 units
* 2014: over 300,000 units (Breakdown: own-brand 180,000 units, Mazda-brand 120,000 units)
* 2015: n.a. (sales of 400,000 Mazda-brand vehicles that include imported and Changan Mazda vehicles)
* 2018: n.a. (sales of 400,000 own-brand vehicles other than Mazda vehicles, as reported in March 2013)
▽Tianjin FAW Xiali: Sales results in 2013:131,000 units
* 2014: 130,000 units (Of which:「D60」 60,000 units)
* 2015: 200,000 units (Of which:「D60」70,000 units)
 The Group's stockholder net income had been positive until recently. It was CNY 300 million in 2010, CNY 109 million in 2011, and 34 million in 2012. However, from 2013 it turned negative and is becoming worse, so that the deficit ballooned to CNY 400-460 million in the first half of 2014. As a result, the Group runs the risk of being delisted.
 The following are some of the reasons for these prolonged, negative business results:
(1) Tianjin FAW Xiali is upgrading and improving the lineup of its own-brand vehicles.
(2) Consumer demand for more high-end models has grown significantly.
(3) More cities have placed restrictions on vehicle purchases.
(4) Government subsidized eco-car sales incentive programs have been revised.
According to the company, these external negative factors have directly impacted on its overall sales.
 However, a new management team places management policies designed to turn the company around in 2015.
▽FAW Jilin Automobile: Sales results in 2013:80,000 units
* 2014: 150,000 units
* Short-term target from 2015 onward: 200,000 units, including 100,000-150,000 units of the Jiabao V80
* By 2020: 600,000 units, including over 30,000 export units, and over 30,000 units built by plants outside China. However, in 2012 the Group set 2015 as the year in which it would achieve selling 600,000 units
▽FAW-GM: Sales results in 2013: 59,000 units
* 2014: 68,000 units (including models built at Yunnan plant and Harbin plant)
  * As of July 2014, FAW-GM produces and sells only "Jiefang" own-brand vehicles. It plans to launch GM brand vehicles in the future.
▽FAW Haima: Sales results in 2013: 108,000 units
* 2014: n.a. (200,000 units including models built at the Zhengzhou plant of Haima Commercial Vehicle.)
* 2015: 300,000 units (and 300,000 units of engines)
* 2016: n.a. (500,000 units including models built at the Zhengzhou plant of Haima Commercial Vehicle)
▽FAW Jiefang
* 2014: 177,000-198,000 units (Actual sales during the first half of the year were 100,811 units.)
Breakdown Medium- and heavy-duty trucks such as semi-trailers and dump-trucks: 162,000 - 180,000 units (The company holds 18% market share in China.)
Light-duty trucks: 15,000-18,000 units (0.8% market share in China)
Note: FAW Jeifang started building light-duty trucks from 2013.
* 2015: 420,00-480,000 units, including 318,000-370,000 medium- and heavy-duty trucks and 100,000 light-duty trucks. (over 25% market share in China)
▽FAW Bus and Coach (buses and their chassis between 6m-18m)
* 2015: Over 10,000-11,000 units, including hybrid and electric versions



FAW group's own R&D activities

▽R&D organizational structure
* The R&D center is set up and engaged in developing finished automobiles, bodies, chassis, engines, components, new production methods, new materials, etc.
* Recent developments as of August 2014 on all-new Hongqi own-brand vehicles
  In addition to developing its own patented V12, V8, V6, and 4-cylinder turbo-engines in-house, the Group is developing new chassis systems, electronic/electric parts, Internet platform systems, bodies, exterior and interior parts. It is performing all processes itself, designing from product concepts up to engineering systems.
◇The Group formed the following five R&D frameworks:
* Systems for R&D processes and standards/regulations
* Systems for quality assurance and product certifications
* Systems for program management and knowledge accumulation
* Systems for human-resource development, responsibilities, and accountabilities
* Systems for corporate culture
◇The Group has R&D capabilities in the following five areas.
* Product planning
* Functions development
* Engineering design
* Prototyping and inspection
* Testing and certification
◇Organizational structure for completed own-brand vehicles
* H and L platforms for Hongqi's high-end sedans, SUVs, MPVs, etc.
* By using the M and S platforms to build other FAW brand automobiles, the company was to price them between CNY 40,000-200,000
Commercial vehicles
* The Group developed and standardized modules of core parts including platforms for tractors, dump-trucks, and remodeled commercial vehicles ; and reviewed the lineup of commercial vehicles.
Powertrains and core parts for vehicles
* The Group can develop its own, proprietary engines, transmissions, and axles. Its 7L - 13L engines are very competitive in the global market in terms of technology and performance.
* The Group developed various types of core, hybrid powertrain technology such as technology on twin-motor, strong-hybrid drive systems for new-energy vehicles; motor-coupling ATM structural design technology; finished vehicle, integrated control technology; and plug-in-hybrid powertrain technology.
* The Group has gained the intellectual property rights to its proprietary 12-speed twin countershift synchronized transmission (CA12TA210M2) for new commercial vehicles. According to the Group's press release, it has a product life of 800,000 kilometers. It is being supplied to the new Jiefang J6.
Recent developments at own-brand subsidiaries
  * The company is Investing CNY 15.7 billion by 2015 to develop new models and hire over 1,600 engineers
  Of that amount, the company is investing CNY 5.2 billion over four years in the H platform to build high-end government-use automobiles, and in the L platform to build luxury cars, developing a new series of high-end automobiles. It created a series of high-end automobiles in the C-, D-, and E-class segments.
* The company launched the Hongqi H7 in 2013, which was built on the H platform. Standard selling price is between CNY 299,800-479,800.
* The company launched limited-edition sales of the Hongqi L5 in April 2014, which was the first model to be built on the L platform and which is the production model of the highest-grades sedan, Hongqi CA770. It is a four-door, four-row, five-seat E class sedan whose price starts from CNY 5 million.
<R&D investments>
  * Actual amount invested in FY2013 (calendar-year basis): CNY 21.92 million. The money was spent to develop new vehicles and powertrain assemblies; and to conduct R&D activities to improve technologies in order to make them compliant with various Chinese regulations.
  * Planned investment amount in 2014: CNY 750 million, as announced in the beginning of 2014.
* As of early 2014, the company was constructing the Tianjin R&D Center.
* The company is currently conducting R&D activities and preparing production facilities to launch the Xiali-HV, a hybrid sedan based on the former Xiali 2000. (As of the end of 2013)
* The company completed development and production facilities to launch the Weizh -EV, an electric sedan based on the mass-marketed Weizh V5. Production and sales of the model started in May 2014.



New model plans for own-brand vehicles

  In May 2014, the FAW Group announced its own-brand vehicle business plan that covers 10 years (up to 2025). Based on the plan, the Group plans to launch 18 new vehicle models between 2016 and 2020, which include 10 Hongqi and FAW brand passenger cars (the Besturn,Oley, Senya, Xiali, Weizh,Junpai series) and eight FAW Jiefang commercial vehicles.

  In addition, China FAW New Energy Vehicle Branch, a subsidiary, announced in May 2014 that it will launch a series of four FAW " new energy vehicles", namely three EVs and one PHV.

  The FAW Group will supply its own, in-house developed, new direct injection engine for mass-market vehicles between 2016 and 2020. In addition, it plans to launch new-energy vehicles such as hybrids, PHVs, EVs, etc., aiming to become the pioneer of new-energy vehicles in China.


Hongqi H7
FAW car's Hongqi H7
(at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show)
Xiali N7
Xiali N7 (Tianjin FAW's first SUV)
(at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show)


Own-brand model launches: Actual sales and future plans from 2013 onward

▽FAW Car Co. Ltd.

  FAW Car Co. Ltd. first announced that it would launch two SUVs, one MPV, and a mid-sized courtesy van by 2015. However, the company is delaying the launches by three years, until 2018(From a press release in August 2013).

<Hongqi brand>

    China's leading producer of high-end, own-brand luxury cars for use by state officials and selected private customers

Model Launch Timing Details
Hongqi H7 May 2013
 Hongqi's own-brand vehicles have abandoned GM, Ford, Audi, and Toyota platforms. Instead, Hongqi's luxury sedans are now built on Hongqi's own platform, after having undergone complete redesign. They are also sold to selected private customers.
 The H7 is built on the H platform designed for FAW Car's Hongqi brand luxury vehicles developed mainly for use by the government sector. It is mounted with a either 2.0L turbo engine or 3.0L V6 engine, and a 6-speed automatic transmission. It is 5,095 mm in length, 1,875 mm in width, 1,485 mm in height, with a 2,970 mm wheelbase.
Hongqi L5 Apr. 2014
(Launched for
 This is an E class Hongqi brand luxury sedan sold in a limited number, built to compete with Bentley and Rolls Royce. It is priced from CNY 5 million.
Hongqi L7 n.a.  This is a D class luxury sedan targeted for use by state officials. It is 5,555 mm in length, 2,018 mm in width, 1,578 mm in height, with a 3,435 mm wheelbase. The model also has a longer wheel base version, at 3,900mm. It competes with Rolls Royce. It has 300kW of output, a 6L V12 proprietary engine, and a TB-68 6-speed automatic transmission.
Hongqi L9 n.a.  This is a flagship, luxury vehicle for official state use to chauffer visitors of state. The non-bullet-proof version weighs 3.5 tons and the bullet-proof version weights 4.5 tons. Fuel consumption is 20 liters per 100km.
Hongqi Lantu 2015  This is a low-energy vehicle. Fuel consumption is 6.8L per 100km.
Hongqi MPV 2015 onward  Hongqi's first luxury MPV, which is designed for government use. Development commenced in October 2012. Product code is D021.

 <FAW brand Besturn series>

    This brand builds mid- to high-end passenger cars which is ranked lower than the Hongqi brand, but higher than the Oley brand.

Models Launch Timing Details
Besturn X80 Apr. 2013
 The first Besturn SUV. It is mounted with either 2.0L or 2.3L VVT engine.
New Besturn B70 2014  This is the second generation Besturn B70. It was built on the same platform as the second generation Mazda 6 (Ruiyu). It is equipped with a 1.8L naturally aspirated turbo engine, and either a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission
Besturn B30 Second half
of 2014
 This is a small sedan built on the older Jetta platform. It comes with theTianjin FAW Xiali CA4GA1 (maximum output: 67kW), 1.6L (maximum output : 103ps) engine that was mounted on the older Jetta. It comes with either a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. It is priced between CNY 60,000-120,000.

<FAW brand: Oley series>

    Ranked above the Xiali series but lower than the Besturn series. Designed for a younger consumer market.

Models Launch Timing Details
Oley 2box Second half
of 2014
 This is the first hatchback in the Oley series. It is 4,200 mm in length, 1,660 mm in width, 1,465 mm in height, with a 2525 mm wheelbase, making it 285mm shorter than the Oley 3 Box. It has the same powertrain with the sedan version, i.e., a 1.5L engine and either a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. It was improved and built based on on the VW PQ32 platform.


▽FAW energy cars

<FAW Hongqi brand>

The following models are defined as energy cars in China, and include standard hybrid vehicle models.

Models Launch Timing Details
Besturn B50-PHEV May 2014  All these vehicles were launched on the same day and are priced between CNY 219,800-258,000. They come with the following warranties: 3 years or 60,000 km. The secondary batteries are under warranty for 5 years or 100,000km.
Besturn B50-EV
Hongqi-HV 2016  These high-end vehicles were built on the H platform and are Hongqi brand vehicles designed for the commercial-vehicle and government-use market. (The timing of their launches was announced by the FAW Group.)
Hongqi-EV  This vehicle is the first luxury electric vehicle launched under the Hongqi brand.


▽Tianjin FAW Xiali

  Recently, Tianjin FAX Xiali has been installing more stop-and-start systems on its vehicles, with over half of its mass-market vehicle models equipped with these systems as of the end of 2013.

<FAW Brand: Xiali, Weizh, and Junpai series>

Models Launch Timing Details
Xiali N7 2013  The first small-sized SUV in the Xiali series was launched in March.
Weizh V5
oversea model
 This is an export model of the Weizh V5, with a version mounted with a dual-fuel engine, i.e., natural gas and gasoline.
Junpai D60 2014  This model was designed to raise the class of Tianjin FAW Xiali vehicles, being the first passenger car in the new Junpai series (A0 class small-sized SUV). Product code is T012.
Xiali New N3 2015 onward  These vehicles are the successors to the models in the Xiali series.
Xiali New N5
Xiali N7 Sports
Junpai 2/3box 2016  These are the A class hatchback and sedan of the Junpai series
Junpai SUV 2017 onward  This is the A class small-sized SUV of the Junpai series.
Junpai MPV  This is the A class small-sized MPV of the Junpai series.

Below are the FAW brand vehicle prices.
* Xiali series: CNY 30,000-50,000
* Weizh series: CNY 50,000-70,000
* Junpai series: CNY 70,000-120,000 (launched from 2014)

Note: From 2014, the company started preparing to launch other A class sedans and hatchbacks under the Junpai brand, which are coded X121 and X111, respectively. The development of the A class Junpai sedan has been nearly completed, but there is no information about the stage of development of the A class SUV.


▽FAW Jilin

  By 2018, FAW Jilin is planning to launch five new series of vehicle models, which will include the launch of MPVs and SUVs by 2016; and one new type of engine (delayed by three years from original plan announced in 2012). The five new series models include the Jiabao and Senya series, which will have MPVs, SUVs, and commercial delivery vehicles (CDVs) built on the Daihatsu Xenia platform. The new type of engine is a high-performance, gasoline-powered T series engine incorporating a Variable Cam Timing-intelligent (VCT-i) system that was developed in-house by the FAW Group. In total, the company will establish a product lineup that includes 80 different models/derivatives built on the Daihatsu Zenia platform such as the Jiabao series.

  The Senya series will be priced between CNY 50,000-80,000 and will be mounted with Daihatsu's DVVT 4-speed automatic transmission.

<FAW brand: Jiabao>

Models Launch Timing Details
Jiabao V80 Nov. 2013
 A minivan in the Jiabao series built on Daihatsu's Xenia platform. Maximum luggage capacity is 4.92 cubic meters, which is on par with entry-level, small-sized buses. It is priced between CNY 43,900-54,900. Standard fuel consumption is 7.1-liter per 100km, according to the company.
 This vehicle is mounted with FAW Group's own 1.5L gasoline engine (maximum output 75kW/maximum torque135Nm). Seats are being supplied by Faway-Johnson, which also supplies seats to FAW VW. It comes with ABS+EBD and two airbags
New Jiabao V60 2014  LatestJiabao V60 model (mid-to-high-end minivan)
New Jiabao Truck 2014  Mini-truck

<FAW brand' Senya series>

Models Launch Timing Details
Senya' new model
(name yet to be announced)
2014  New Senya series vehicles. Specific details have not been released.
Senya SUV/CDV 2015 onward  4WD SUV and CDV


▽FAW Haima

  FAW Haima plans to launch more than 10 new vehicle models between 2014-2016

  Including the production volume at the Zhengzhou Plant, FAW Haima will create a product range that covers the B and lower classes around 2016. Its product range will include M series sedans and hatchbacks, S series SUVs, and V series MPVs. It is developing 1.2L, 1.5L, and 1.8L turbo engines for installation on these vehicles.

Model Launch Timing Details
Family M5 May 2014
 This is the latest Family compact sedan.

Note: From 2015 onward, the Zhengzhou Plant will start adding other new models to its scope of production, including the Haima M6, Haima M9, Haima S3, and Haima S9.



<FAW brand, Jiefang Series>

Models Launch Timing Details
Jiefang F330 Subao Sep. 2013  This is the first high-end, light-duty truck in the series. It is the latest third-generation, own-brand model, which took three years to develop. It is priced between CNY 99,900-122,100, and comes in 1.5-, 2-, and 3-ton versions.
Jiefang S230 Gongshi 2014  This is a mid-end, light-duty truck that GM and FAW took three years to develop in-house. It is designed mainly for the logistics market and is being produced at three of the company's own plants in China.


▽FAW Jiefang

<FAW brand, Jiefang series>

Model Launch Timing Details
Jiefang JH06 2015 onward  This is the latest heavy-duty truck designed for the logistics market, offering better fuel efficiency and lighter weight as its special features.
Jiefang J7 2015  This is a new heavy-duty truck achieving advanced, worldwide standards


▽FAW Bus and Coach (Dalian Bus Plant: FAW Bus and Coach Co., Ltd.)

<FAW brand, Jiefang Series>

Model Launch Timing Details
Jiefang 21EV 2015 onward  Mid-sized bus (Product code: CA6100URBEV21) that has been developed already. It is 10 meter in length and has a cruising range of over 250km.



Strengthening own-brand sales network exclusive for small cars

 In April 2013, the Group began creating an own-brand sales network designated to selling only mini- and small-sized vehicles. This network includes the Jiabao and Senya series vehicles built by FAW Jilin; the Oley series vehicles built by FAW Car; and the Weizh and Xiali series built by Tianjin FAW Xiali.

 In December 2013, in addition to setting up dealers in 11 provinces and regions such as Guangdong, Fujian, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan, Anhui, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, etc., the Group also set up the first 4S dealer in Tonghua, Jilin Province in the western region of China.

 Outline of FAW Group's dealers by subsidiary

▽FAW Car Co. Ltd.
As of the beginning of 2014: 220
<Hongqi brand showrooms>
As of the end of 2014: 20
  The company plans to set up additional showrooms to cover 35 provinces and municipalities throughout the country.
Note: As of October 2013, the company had set up 9 showrooms (in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changchun, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Fuzhou) and 11 service centers.
From 2012, the Hongqi brand launched s fully remodeled vehicles for the government sector.
The FAW brand Oley series spans the low- to medium-end segment, offering high performance automobiles designed for fashionable, younger customers.
<Besturn & Oley series dealers>
As of May 2013: 200 dealers
▽Tianjin FAW Xiali
  In addition to offering the Xiali and Weizh small-sized sedans and hatchbacks in the A00-A0 classes, the company launched an A0 class SUV and the Junpai series A class small-sized automobiles, SUVs, and MPVs. It is expanding its product range to cover the entire A00 to A class segments. However, it might narrow down the lineup in the Xiali series.
  As of September 2013: 500
▽FAW Jilin
  By the end of 2015, its vehicles will be available in 100% of all large cities, 90% of all smaller cities, 50% of all suburban areas, and 20% of all agricultural areas.
  As of July 2014: More than 240 4S dealers; and under these, 800 2S dealers that sell cars and offer speedy repair work.
  Mid-term plans from 2014 onward: In addition to the number of dealers the company had as of Nov. 2013, it will add 200 2S dealers and 200 dealers selling over the Internet.
<Dealers, etc.>
  ① Dealers: over 245 (as of early 2014)
  ② After-service centers: 70 (as of July 2014)
  ③ Parts & accessories centers: 50 (as of July 2014)
▽FAW Haima
  Over 250 4S dealers
▽FAW Jiefang
<Dealers, etc.> As of early 2013
  ① Jiefang brand: 319 4S dealers
  ② Repair centers: 642
  ③ Parts/accessories centers: 28
  Note: The company's supply network consists of six regions: Northeast China (based in Changchun), Eastern China (Wuxi), Northern China (Tianjin), South China (Guangzhou), Northwestern China (Xi'an), and Southwest China (Chengdu). It plans to further strengthen its sales network in western China.
▽FAW Bus & Coach (buses and their chasses between 6m-18m)
  70 main dealers, 600 after-service centers (covering total of 31 locations among provinces, direct-controlled municipalities, and autonomous regions)



(Reference) FAW Group's sales volumes by type, model, and OEM


OEM Type Models 2010 2011 2012 2013 Jan.-Jun.
Group Total 2,558,166 2,601,451 2,672,627 2,894,782 1,393,313 1,529,452 >3,400,000
■Passenger car sales volume
▽JV with Toyota
Tianjin FAW Toyota 2/3
Vios (based on Belta) 34,689 13,303 9,130 1,913 1,253 - -
New Vios - - 26,703 13,086 0 62,993 140,000
Corolla EX 82,743 120,377 124,531 147,921 72,427 43,105 -
Crown/New Crown 45,161 30,453 25,456 23,315 9,872 8,062
Reiz 51,784 65,422 59,846 64,553 28,739 19,091
New Corolla 172,053 170,117 151,887 146,480 73,289 44,348
Prius (HV) 1 0 2,434 513 141 839
SUV RAV4 98,057 100,218 98,179 55,182 47,680 -
New RAV4 - - - 62,618 - 63,273
Total 484,488 499,890 498,166 515,581 233,401 241,711
Sichuan FAW Toyota SUV Land Cruiser 200 6,149 7,353 5,308 5,246 2,183 1,981
Land Cruiser Prado 15,294 21,903 18,706 20,217 8,972 7,604
Total 21,443 29,256 24,014 25,463 11,155 9,585
FAW Toyota Motor Sales Total
(Passenger car total excluding Toyota Coaster)
505,931 529,146 522,180 541,044 244,556 251,296 650,000
Inclulding Coasters 511,665 537,365 527,013 546,585 247,156 252,888 660,000
▽JV with VW
OEM Type Models 2010 2011 2012 2013 Jan.-Jun.
FAW-VW 2/3
Jetta/New Jetta 224,523 217,861 242,528 263,408 113,277 152,621 -
Sagitar 112,887 128,325 196,296 271,188 137,570 155,393
Magotan 78,859 87,365 173,664 187,172 94,778 110,449
New Bora 172,537 207,041 222,735 237,156 116,122 123,287
Golf A4 1 - - - - -
Golf A6 57,517 100,020 127,376 101,802 52,039 25,114
Golf A7 0 66,874
CC 17,353 36,576 37,589 41,161 22,331 23,979
Audi A3 - - - - - 5,848
Audi A4L 58,466 87,262 100,519 121,804 60,329 60,722
Audi A6L 115,353 111,806 46,001 - - -
New Audi A6L(C7) - - 92,023 148,130 76,318 85,875
SUV Audi Q5 32,483 58,632 90,157 102,121 47,184 54,771
Audi Q3 - - - 38,945 13,036 41,275
Total 869,979 1,034,888 1,328,888 1,512,887 732,984 906,208 1,700,000
▽JV with GM
OEM Type Models 2010 2011 2012 2013 Jan.-Jun.
FAW-GM 2/3
Xingfu Shizhe (based on Move) - 9 - - - - -
MPV Freewind 1,270 165 94 8 8 7
Total 1,270 174 94 8 8 7
Light commercial vehicle 86,954 55,958 55,515 59,084 29,721 28,079 68,000
Passenger car and commercial vehicle total 88,224 56,132 55,609 59,092 29,729 28,086 68,000
▽Mazda brand vehicles based on contract manufacturing
Mazda 6 (Atenza 1st generation) 94,369 91,358 85,581 93,393 43,948 36,026 -
Mazda 6 Ruiyi (Atenza 2nd generation) 43,082 31,018 16,648 17,769 8,709 6,070
Mazda 6 Atezi (Atenza 3rd generation) - - - - - 6,274
MPV Mazda 8 1,088 6,168 2,859 5,897 2,467 2,549
Total (Mazda brand) 138,539 128,544 105,088 117,059 55,124 50,919 120,000
▽Own-brand vehicles
OEM Type Models 2010 2011 2012 2013 Jan.-Jun.
Hongqi H7 - - 127 2,981 598 1,222 -
Hongqi other models 193 2 - - - -
Oley 2/3box - - 6,545 6,300 2,789 4,339
Besturn B50/B70/B90 132,212 112,816 72,452 79,763 39,210 42,723
SUV Besturn X80 - - - 41,491 8,332 36,533
(FAW/Hongqi brand)
132,405 112,818 79,124 130,535 50,929 84,817 180,000
FAW Car Grand Total
(FAW/Hongqi/Mazda combined)
270,944 241,362 184,212 247,594 106,053 135,736 300,000
Tianjin FAW Xiali 2/3
(based on Charade)
198,653 196,522 144,462 101,071 52,883 30,437 -
(based on Vitz)
166 155 171 1 - -
(based on Platz)
4,941 2,727 871 1,118 1,010 -
Weizh 38,575 26,504 24,603 25,495 16,186 5,571
Weizh V2 8,025 27,127 14,911 2,826 1,447 1,293
Total 250,360 253,035 185,018 130,511 71,526 37,301 130,000
FAW Jilin MPV Senya
(based on Xenia)
48,499 41,090 41,270 40,424 20,265 12,298 n.a.
Mini van Jiabao 70,795 62,555 49,672 39,544 20,556 9,600
Total 119,294 103,645 90,942 79,968 40,821 21,898 150,000
FAW Haima 2/3
Family (based on Familia) 62,010 80,364 61,630 32,645 21,744 19,777 Over 200,000  (including models built at the afficilated Haima plant in Zhengzhou)
Haima M8 - - - 286 - 274
Haima 3 5,953 2,017 182 0
Haima 2 28,641 19,730 21,173 20,542 12,939 2,936
MPV Freema
(based on Premacy)
28,135 22,986 20,653 12,034 8,188 1,652
SUV Haima 7 15,593 26,619 25,109 42,251 18,591 15,377
Total 140,332 151,716 128,747 107,758 61,462 40,016 n.a.
■Commercial vehicle
OEM Models 2010 2011 2012 2013 Jan.-Jun.
FAW Bus and Coach, FAW Jiling, Sichuan FAW Toyota, etc. Bus
(including Toyota Coaster)
7,250 9,499 5,910 7,052 3,173 1,962 FAW Jiefang:198,000 (→medium heavy-duty truck:180,000; light-duty truck:18,000)
(Of which) Coaster 5,734 8,219 4,833 5,541 2,600 1,592
Bus Chassis 3,623 3,158 3,411 2,695 1,418 920
FAW Jiefang, FAW Jiling, FAW-GM Truck 114,679 73,516 63,778 74,119 38,832 29,274
Truck Chassis 130,617 103,429 95,889 110,339 55,239 63,029
FAW Jiefang Semi-trailers 143,887 97,883 63,558 80,807 37,241 41,805
Total 400,056 287,485 232,546 275,012 135,903 136,990 n.a.
(Of which) own-brand vehicles 394,322 279,266 227,713 269,471 133,303 135,398 n.a.

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