ReVision Connected Car & UX Summit 2022: Hitachi and Toyota Boshoku Presentations

Creation of cabin space for future mobility by Tier 1 suppliers



  This report provides the key points of the presentations by Hitachi, Ltd. and Toyota Boshoku Corporation at the ReVision Connected Car & UX Summit held in October 2022.

  Mr. Akeshi Takahashi, General Manager, Mobility Drive Research Department, Electric Vehicle Innovation Center, Research & Development Group, Hitachi, Ltd. gave a lecture entitled "Creating comfort in mobility spaces: Understanding the fundamental technology and generating new value via the vehicle”.

  Hitachi, Ltd. (Hitachi) is studying what people will want from mobility in a future when autonomous driving is achieved. The company proposes "in-wheel motors" as a realization of a vehicle interior space that can freely orchestrate the travel experience. In September 2021, Hitachi had announced the Direct Electrified Wheel as a system that would make in-wheel EVs a reality. Based on this technology, Mr. Takahashi touched on the space issues related to the weight in the wheel and the suspension system structure, which so far have been regarded as issues for in-wheel motors, and he further described the advantages of using in-wheel motors in self-driving EVs.

  Mr. Nobuki Hayashi, Manager, Planning Office, Vehicle Interior Space Planning and Development Department Vehicle Interior Space Planning Center, Toyota Boshoku Corporation, gave a presentation with the title "Learn how to create a next level personalised in-car environment”. As a manufacturer of seats and interior components within the Toyota Group, Toyota Boshoku Corporation (Toyota Boshoku) has presented concepts for various levels of automated driving through exhibitions such as CES in the past. The company presented its past proposals for concepts compatible with ride-sharing and self-driving taxis, which are considered the mobility of the future, as well as its outlook for future initiatives.

EV prototype with Direct Electrified Wheel concept MX191
EV prototype with Direct Electrified Wheel concept
(exhibited at Aachen Colloquium 2021)
MX191, a vehicle interior space model designed for Level 3 and 4 autonomous driving
(Exhibit at Tokyo Motor Show 2019)


 Click here for detailed Hitachi Astemo report  Click here for detailed Toyota Boshoku report


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