Toyota Boshoku Corporation

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1-1 Toyoda-cho, Kariya-shi, Aichi 448-8651, Japan

Business Overview

-A Toyota Group company delivering automotive seats and interior products. It is the only manufacturer engaged in the textile sector within the Toyota Group. It delivers products mainly to the Toyota Group, which accounted for 92% of total sales for the Company in the fiscal year that ended in March 2022.

-Major product lines are as follows.

  • Automotive seats
  • Interior and exterior parts (Door trim, ceilings, floor carpets, decks, exterior parts)
  • Parts units (Filters, plastic parts around engine, electrified products)

-The production of seats in the fiscal year that ended in March 2023 increased on a global basis by 7.1% YoY to 7.84 million units. In the Asia/Oceania region, a 30.4% YoY increase to 1.43 million units. The Company forecasts that production of seats in the fiscal year that ends in March 2024 will increase 5.9% on a global basis, to 8.30 million units.

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-From April 2022, moved from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to the Prime Market, and from the First Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange to the Premium Market (As of Mar. 31, 2023)
Name or Company name Investment Ratio (%)
Toyota Motor Corp. 31.00
Toyota Fudosan  Co., Ltd. 9.82
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. 7.76
Denso Corp. 5.45
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. 4.68
Toyota Industries Corporation 4.15
NHK Spring Co., Ltd. 3.86
Toyota Tsusho Corp. 2.44
Employees Stockholding 1.82
Total 72.16


-Front seats
-Functional parts for seats

  • Seat frames
  • Round recliners

-Rear seat relaxation systems

  • Refreshing systems
  • Reclining systems
  • Seat back contour systems
  • Ottomans

-Executive second row seats

  • Super-long-slide passenger seat
  • Large armrests and storage tables
  • Power leg rests
  • Ventilation seats

-Washable cover seats
-Sports seats
-Executive lounge seats

-Seat frames
-Round recliners
-Long slide rails

Interior & Exterior Components
Door trims
-Lightweight molded form door trim with high impact resistance
-Door illumination

Instrument panels

-Ceiling-mounted rear entertainment systems
-Panorama roofs
-Molded headliners
-Far-infrared reflective headliner
-Overhead console

-Assist grip

-Headliner illumination
-Illuminated twin consoles
-Instrument panel mystic illumination
-LED jewel lamp
-Overhead console illumination

Textile components
-Seat fabrics
-Curtain-shield airbags
-Seatbelt webbings
-Partition nets

Exterior components
-Fender liners
-Engine undercovers

-Floor carpets
-Tonneau covers
-Package trays
-Electric sunshade systems
-Deck boards

Unit Components
Filter products
-Air filters
-Oil filters
-Anti-allergen and deodorising cabin air filters
-Pollen removal cabin air filters
-Clean air filters Premium
-Hydrocarbon absorption filters
-High-efficiency dust removal cabin air filters

Air induction system products
-Air induction systems
-Air cleaners
-Intake manifolds
-Cylinder head covers

Electric power-train products
-Motor core constituent parts (for hybrid system)
-Stack manifolds
-Air filter for fuel cell vehicles
-Ion Exchanger

-Key motor core components for hybrid systems
-Fluid filters for automatic transmissions
-Oil mist separators
-Revolving sensors
-Ignition coils for motorcycles
-ABS coils


Jan. 1918 Founded Toyoda Boshoku Corporation.
Nov. 1923 Established Kariya Plant.
Sep. 1931 Merged with Kikui Boshoku Corp.
Feb. 1932 Merged with Utsumi Boshoku, Chuo Boshoku, Kyowa Boshoku and Toyoda Oshikiri Boshoku and established Chuo Boshoku Corporation.
Nov. 1933 Acquired by Toyota Motor Industry Company (currently Toyota Motor Co.)
May, 1950 Spun off from Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. as Minsei Spinning Co., Ltd.
Aug. 1950 Listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
Sep. 1956 Established Oguchi Plant.
Aug. 1967 Changed the name of the Company to Toyoda Boshoku Corporation.
Sep. 1967 Established Hoyu Shoji Corp.
Mar. 1968 Merged with Gifu Boseki Corp. (currently Gifu Plant).
Dec. 1972 Added as a business objective, the manufacturing, processing and selling of automotive parts.
Feb. 1973 Started manufacturing ignition coils.
Sep. 1973 Started manufacturing seat fabric.
Nov. 1976 Established Hineed Kogyo Co., Ltd. (currently an affiliate).
Dec. 1976 Started manufacturing seatbelt webbing.
May 1978 Established Aiho Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1985 Started manufacturing air filters.
Feb. 1990 Started manufacturing fender liners.
May 1990 Started manufacturing molded headliners.
May 1991 Started manufacturing timing belt covers.
Mar. 1994 Established STB Textiles Industry Co., Ltd. (currently an affiliate).
May 1994 Established Thai Seatbelt Co., Ltd. (currently an affiliate).
Apr. 1995 Started production of airbag base material.
Nov. 1995 Established TB Service Co., Ltd.
Dec. 1995 Started production of bumpers.
Jan. 1997 Established Toyodabo America Inc.
Dec. 1997 Established TB Hitech Inc. (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Jan. 1998 Started production of cabin air filters and rotating centers.
Jan. 1999 Started production of silencer pads.
Jun. 1999 Started production of oil filters.
Mar. 2000 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Jul. 2000 Started production of intake manifolds.
Jul. 2000 Conducted restructuring effective July 1, 2000. Divided Marketing Department into three departments by function: functional components marketing dept., interior material marketing dept. and interior systems marketing dept.
Oct. 2000 Toyoda Boshoku and Toyota Kako merged in October 2000. Continued as Toyoda Boshoku. This merger established the organization as a total supplier of automotive interior components. and also helped to reduce development expenses.
Dec. 2000 Planning to triple the number of employees for interior development to 100+ by FY2002. In addition to new employees and rotation of current employees, will receive employees transferred from Toyota group manufacturers. As soon as possible, will establish an organization for becoming a Tier 1 manufacturer, from development to supply.
Apr. 2001 Established TB Autoparts Management (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Jun. 2001 Established Toyodabo Asia.
Sep. 2001 Acquired 51% of shares for Puro Denso (Partnership). (Currently TBDN Tennessee (Partnership).
Sep. 2001 Established Toyoda Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Nov. 2001 Established Eco Technology.
Mar. 2002 Established Toyodabo Filtration System (Thailand). (Currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Apr. 2003 Established, and made a 100% investment in, Toyodabo Manufacturing Kentucky Llc. In USA
Apr. 2003 Established Tianjin Intex Auto Part Co., Ltd. in China.
(Investment Ratio: Araco 30%, Takanichi 30%, Toyoda Boshoku 15%, Changchun FAW Sihuan Automobile Co., Ltd. 25%)
Sep. 2004 Established Toyota Boshoku Haiphong Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Sep. 2004 Established Guangzhou Intex Auto Parts Co., Ltd.) (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Sep. 2004 Established Feng'ai(Guangzhou) Automotive Seat Parts Co., Ltd.(currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Oct. 2004 Established Toyota Industries Corporation through the merger with the Interior Components Division of Araco Corporation, and Takanichi. The Company took over the operations of seven plants including the Sanage plant and the Takaoka plant, which are manufacturing seat and door trims.
Apr. 2005 Established Toyota Boshoku Foshan Co., Ltd., which is currently a consolidated subsidiary.
Jul. 2005 Established Toyota Boshoku South Africa (PTY) Ltd., which is currently a consolidated subsidiary.
Nov. 2005 Established Tianjin Feng Ai Automotive Seat Parts Co., Ltd., which is currently a consolidated subsidiary.
Jul. 2006 Established Toyota Boshoku Canada, Inc., which is now a consolidated company.
Sep. 2007 Established Toyota Boshoku Mississippi, LLC., which is now a consolidated company.
Nov. 2007 Established Toyota Boshoku Indiana, LLC., Which is now a consolidated company.
Feb. 2008 Changed the structure of Toyoda Shanghai Co., Ltd. from commercial-type to investment-type company, and changed its name to Toyata Boshoku (China) Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Oct. 2008 Took over the Sieto Plant of Faurecia S.A., a French automotive seating manufacturer, and established Toyota Boshoku Somain S.A.S. (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Oct. 2008 Spun off its research and development office and established Toyota Boshoku Fundamental Research Center.
Aug. 2009 Constructed Fuji-Susuno Plant to increase efficiency in production at domestic plants and to construct an optimal supply structure.
May 2010 Constructed the building and facilities of Building 2 at the Sanage Development Center.
Jul. 2011 Acquired POLYTEC Holding AG to strengthen its technical skills in the area of interior-products and win more business with European OEMs.
Dec. 2012 Launched production of motor-core components for hybrid systems.
Nov. 2015 Acquired the seat structure business with Aisin Seiki and Shiroki.
Jun. 2016 Sold all stock shares in Boshoku Automotive Europe GmbH in Germany, Boshoku Automotive Poland Sp. z o.o. in Poland, and Boshoku Automotive Czech, s.r.o.; and transferred some of the functions at its European headquarters' branch office in Munich, Germany to Megatech Industries AG, in reorganizing the European operations.
Mar. 2018 Established ATN Auto Acoustics with Autoneum and Nihon Tokushu Toryo Co., Ltd.  
Sep. 2019 Established Toyota Boshoku AKI USA LLC with Delta Kogyo and Toyo Seat.
Nov. 2019 Established Innovative production technology center
Apr. 2022 Due to the reorganization of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, listed on the Prime Section instead of the First Section.

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