WCX 2022 (2) Electrification development speed creates concerns in maintaining pace

Despite electrification growth, society faces challenges to achieve sustainability



WCX 2022 exhibition floor
WCX 2022 exhibition floor

  The WCX World Congress Experience 2022 exhibition was hosted by SAE International as both an in-person event at the Huntington Place exhibition hall in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. from April 5 through April 7, 2022 and as an online event. WCX 2022 was the first live WCX event held in three years, as the 2021 version was an online-only event and the 2020 version was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The live event hosted numerous sessions on automotive trends including electrification, connectivity and automation, while the exhibition hall had more than 60 exhibitors.

  The Leadership Summit discussion panels at WCX 2022 placed an emphasis on alternative powertrains, as the panels hosted on April 6 and 7 focused on vehicle electrification and themes related to its expansion. One session highlighted the impact of electrification on general sustainability. Another discussed the importance of developing electric vehicle infrastructure. A third session centered on the mix of powertrains in current and future vehicle lineups. Finally, one session focused on the electrification of the driveline and transmission.

  This report is the second in a series which highlights content from WCX 2022. This report will focus on the discussion panels featuring the themes of vehicle electrification and sustainability. A report detailing panel sessions on data and driver assist systems, along with compact pickup truck models shown at WCX 2022, was previously published.

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