30th Aachen Colloquium - Sustainable Mobility

Summary of selected presentations: Batteries, xEVs, ADAS technologies and strategies



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  The Aachen Colloquium, organized by the Aachen Kolloquium Fahrzeug- und Motorentechnik GbR, celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. The hybrid (in-person and online) event was held from October 4th to 6th in Aachen, Germany, and was attended by almost 1,000 on-site participants and around 200 online attendees.


  The event brought together executives and experts from OEMs, suppliers, engineering providers, research institutes and universities, specialized in the fields of vehicle drive technology, to jointly discuss future-oriented developments for sustainable mobility.

  The development technologies not only include battery electric and fuel cell electric drives, but also modern internal combustion engines using hydrogen and synthetic fuels.

  Just as last year, Professor Dr.-Ing. Stefan Pischinger, director of the Institute for Combustion Engines (VKA), and Professor Dr.-Ing. Lutz Eckstein, director of the Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika), both at the RWTH Aachen University, represented the two Institutes which jointly organized the annual event.

  In their opening address, they emphasized the importance of climate neutrality and carbon free concepts to be able to meet the EU “fit for 55” legislation.

  The two-day conference comprised a total of 110 technical lectures and keynote addresses, which were held in parallel in 32 sessions and five halls of the Eurogress Conference Center. Due to the continuing COVID19 pandemic, 11 speakers could not be present in person. Their presentations were broadcast as video streams.

  The full agenda of lectures can be viewed in the official program booklet.

  The proceedings are available in two volumes and can be ordered - as can proceedings of previous colloquia - through the Aachen Colloquium homepage.

  During break time, participants had the opportunity to visit 36 booths at the accompanying trade exhibition. Suppliers, service and solution providers, research institutes and engineering consultancy companies showcased their latest products, technologies and concepts.

  Due to Coronavirus protection measures, no traditional rides could be offered at the ika test track. Instead test rides could be experienced directly starting from the Eurogress with:

  • a Toyota Mirai II Fuel Cell car,
  • a Ford Mondeo with FEV's smart vehicle technology and development platform, and
  • a Mercedes-Benz GLE featuring Schaeffler's Paravan Space Drive Steer-by-Wire technology and two electronically coupled active drive sticks replacing the conventional steering wheel.
Aachen Colloquium Venue Test vehicles
Aachen Colloquium Venue at Eurogress in Aachen, Germany Test vehicles at the entrance of the venue

(30. Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility, organized by © Aachener Kolloquium Fahrzeug- und Motorentechnik GbR, Pictures: © MarkLines Europe GmbH) 


  At the so called “Circus Minimus”, attendees could enjoy new vehicle concepts for sustainable mobility, for example a human hybrid demonstrator.

Circus Minimus Circus Minimus
Circus Minimus

(30. Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility, organized by © Aachener Kolloquium Fahrzeug- und Motorentechnik GbR, Pictures: © MarkLines Europe GmbH)


  The next event will be held from October 10th to 12th, 2022. The Call-for-Papers will start on December 1st, 2021 and interested parties can submit their proposals by February 15th, 2022.

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