Electrification trends of top European and North American suppliers - Part 2

Continental, Schaeffler form new divisions; Faurecia, Aptiv, Mahle focus on specific fields



  Due to increasingly strict environmental standards and a growth in demand for sustainable mobility, OEMs have integrated more electrified vehicle models in their lineup. According to Bloomberg, there will be more than 500 different electric vehicle models available globally by 2022, with electric vehicle sales forecast to reach 8.5 million in 2025. J.P. Morgan estimated that electrified vehicles will account for approximately 30% of all vehicle sales in 2025. Furthermore, the implementation of charging infrastructure is expected to continue expanding. There were 7.3 million chargers worldwide in 2019 compared to approximately 5.4 million chargers in 2018. With the growth of the electrified vehicle market, automotive suppliers have correspondingly increased the development of electrified systems and components.

Mahle Efficient Electric Transport vehicle concept
Mahle Efficient Electric Transport vehicle concept

  While some suppliers have used a strategy of expanding their portfolio and capabilities, other automotive suppliers have taken more focused efforts or restructured their organization to adapt. For example, Faurecia's electromobility portfolio consists of fuel cell and hydrogen storage systems. Aptiv focuses on developing high-voltage systems and solutions. Mahle focuses on both thermal management systems and electric powertrain systems and components.

  In terms of company restructuring, Continental aimed to spin-off its Powertrain Division as Vitesco Technologies into a separate, independent entity prior to the Covid-19 pandemic to increase its focus on electromobility. Schaeffler created the E-Mobility business division in January 2018 to consolidate all of its electromobility related business activities.

  This report is the second of two reports which shows the electromobility-related activities of the largest European and North American automotive suppliers from July 2018 through June 2020. Specifically, this report focuses on Continental, Faurecia, Schaeffler, Mahle and Aptiv.

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