Electrification trends of top European and North American suppliers - Part 1

Suppliers broaden portfolio for wide range of electrification applications



48V hybrid solutions from Bosch
48V hybrid solutions from Bosch

  Growing societal awareness of climate change along with government initiatives such as stricter emission standards and electric vehicle incentives have led to an acceleration in the development and launch of electrified vehicles as well as increasing consumer demand of electrified vehicles. In the long term, electrified vehicle sales are expected to grow.

  In 2019, global sales of plug-in hybrids and battery electric passenger vehicles surpassed 2.1 million units, a 6% increase over the record 2 million units sold in 2018. Sales increased despite a weakening in automotive markets across several countries and reduced subsidies in the U.S. and China. Sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles and battery electric vehicles combined have grown an average of 47% each year since 2015.

  With the growing demand of electric vehicles, suppliers have responded by enhancing the development and production of products for electrified vehicles. Large automotive suppliers including Bosch, ZF and Magna employ strategies which focus on expanding the breadth of their product portfolio, as they aim to provide a wide range of products and systems for a variety of powertrains across a number of vehicle segments. In addition, the breadth of the portfolio enables suppliers to more easily form partnerships, collaborations or even acquisitions to further support electromobility. One of the most notable recent transactions was BorgWarner’s acquisition of Delphi Technologies, which was agreed upon in January 2020.

  This report is the first of two reports which shows the electromobility-related activities of the largest European and North American automotive suppliers from July 2018 through June 2020. Specifically, this report focuses on Bosch, ZF, Magna, Valeo and BorgWarner.

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