The global market for motorcycles: India, China and ASEAN countries

Responding to electrification promotion measures, and the impact of COVID-19



  This report will present global motorcycle production and sales in the aggregate, as well as provide an overview of the general state of major motorcycle producing countries such as India and China and ASEAN countries including Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

  Total motorcycle production in the major countries in the world is estimated to be in the 57 million-range (estimated from national statistics). Global demand for motorcycles in 2019 saw a year-over-year (y/y) decrease of 7.0% to 53.39 million vehicles (Yamaha documents). Asia, which accounts for 80% or more of all demand, saw an 8.8% decrease to 42.68 million units.

  Motorcycle production in India in FY2019 (April 2019 to March 2020) experienced a y/y decrease of 14.1% to 21.04 million vehicles, and sales also greatly dropped by 17.8% to 17.42 million vehicles. In addition to the slowing economy, new equipment to meet emissions standards have led to an increase in vehicle prices, dulling consumer demand. Since March 2020, businesses have been impacted by COVID-19 and forced to shut down; the market is expected to remain in a tough position.

  In China, as automobiles became more popular in recent years, the motorcycle market had shown trends of downsizing. However, in 2019, both production and sales exceeded 15 million for a y/y increase of 1 million or more. As regulations for electric motorcycles have been made clearer, more automakers are accelerating the release of such vehicles.

  In 2019, the motorcycle market in ASEAN countries was bullish. While COVID-19 leaves the future uncertain, similar to India, scooters saw healthy sales with many automakers releasing new models and expanding their lineups.

  While the market size for electric motorcycles is still small, many governments are promoting policies to incentivize electrification, leading to not only the major players releasing electric models, but also the emergence of new electric motorcycle manufacturers. While charging infrastructure and service networks are still yet to be established, with the early introduction of electric models and working in tandem with dispatching services, electric motorcycle manufacturers are rushing to secure an advantageous position in the market.

主要5カ国の二輪車生産台数 主要5カ国の二輪車販売台数
Motorcycle production volumes of 5 major countries Motorcycle sales volumes of 5 major countries

(Source: Created by MarkLines based on statistical data from the automobile and motorcycle associations of each nation)

For data on monthly volumes of motorcycles, please refer to the information below.

India’s motorcycle production volume
Thailand’s motorcycle registration volume

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