The global market for motorcycles: India, China and ASEAN countries

Tightening of exhaust emission regulations and the electrification of motorcycles in Asia



  This report presents a compilation of worldwide motorcycle production and vehicle sales volumes, as well as an overview of the motorcycle industry in India, China, and ASEAN countries such as Indonesia and Thailand.

  In fiscal year 2018 (April 2018 ~ March 2019), India, the world’s largest market for motorcycles, reached a production volume of 24.5 million units, 5.8% up from the previous year (YoY), and sales volumes of 21.18 million units, up 4.9%. Although the launch of premium cars and scooters continues in India, the sales of new vehicles in 2019 is losing momentum as a result of tightening regulations for all vehicle segments, according to government sources.
  China’s motorcycle market is also shrinking yearly, with both production and sales volumes dropping below the 14 million unit mark.
  In 2018, Indonesia’s motorcycle sales volumes increased by 8.4% YoY to 6.383 million units, with export volumes up by 44.3% to 627,000 units, indicating a recovery in production volumes of more than 7 million units.
  Thailand’s 2018 production volumes were up by 1.7% to 2.578 million units, but sales volumes were down by 1.2% to 1.788 million units. The sales volumes of automatic transmission (AT) vehicles and scooters are growing, and automakers are expanding their product lineups with the launch of new models.

  The total production volume of motorcycles in the major countries of the world is estimated to be at the level of 58 million units (based on estimates from the statistics of each country). In 2018 the global demand for motorcycles was up by 6.2% YoY to 57.37 million units (based on a Yamaha report). Asia grew by 5.7% to 46.78 million units, accounting for 80% of the total global demand.
  In the countries of Asia where the market size for motorcycles is significant, governments are tightening emissions regulations and revising tax policies as measures to protect the environment. Furthermore, governments are promoting the introduction of electrification policies that includes motorcycles, which automakers are already working on to launch EV and HV models to market.


  For data on monthly volumes of motorcycles, please refer to the information below.
 ・India’s motorcycle production volume
 ・Thailand’s motorcycle registration volume


主要国の二輪車生産台数 主要国の二輪車販売台数
Motorcycle production volumes of 5 major countries Motorcycle sales volumes of 5 major countries

(Source: Created by MarkLines based on statistical data from the automobile and motorcycle associations of each nation)

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