Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2019: EV motors and lightweight components

Motorcycle EV motors, lithium-ion batteries, CFRP wheels, high-performance chains, etc.



  The 46th International Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2019, which was held from March 22nd (Fri.) to March 24th (Sun.) at the Tokyo Big Sight, was hosted by the Tokyo Motorcycle Show Association*, where 149 companies exhibited their products. This report focuses on motorcycle EV motors and lightweight components.
*The Tokyo Motorcycle Show Association is composed of ten domestic motorcycle-related organizations including the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) and the Motorcycle Federation of Japan (MFJ).

入場口風景 会場風景
Panel at the entrance of the 46th International Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2019 Yamaha’s exhibition at the 46th International Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2019


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