Automotive World 2018: Autonomous driving solutions exhibition

Increase in foreign companies from countries such as Israel



Automotive World 2018* (period: January 17th-19th 2018, venue: Tokyo Big Sight) saw a record-high number of exhibitors, with 1,063 companies presenting at the show. Pavilions included those for companies from countries such as Israel, Hungary, China, Taiwan, and Korea, highlighting the increase in exhibitors and visitors from overseas. Unlike exhibitions where OEMs and Tier1 suppliers boast large booths, this exhibition included many booths from companies that featured advanced or unique automotive-related technologies such as design and development, prototyping, technical solutions, processing and materials.
*Includes various exhibitions from the 10th International Automotive Electronics Technology Expo, the 9th EV & HEV Drive System Technology Expo, the 8th Automotive Lightweight Technology Expo, the 6th Connected Car Japan Expo, the 4th Automotive Components & Processing Technology Expo, and the 1st Autonomous Driving Technology Expo.


The newly established Autonomous Driving Technology Expo saw participants from many startup companies, showcasing the recent industry trend of companies developing products without borders, outside of their individual affiliate groups. Exhibition contents widely varied, beginning with various autonomous driving platforms from NVIDIA, Intel, and XILINX, as well as many booths holding presentations on deep learning for object recognition and software development, combining cameras and sensors. This report will cover these exhibitions as well as the demonstrations for creating 3D maps, which are essential to autonomous driving, and next-generation Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) such as driver monitoring and mid-air haptic technology.


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