Mercedes-Benz M256 inline 6-cylinder gasoline engine

Daimler plans modular engine updates, adopts 48V mild hybrid system



 Daimler has been gradually introducing its newly designed modular engine family having a 500cc per cylinder displacement since 2016. These engines are developed based on Daimler’s new common design guideline, the MPA (Mercedes Powertrain Architecture).

 Among the family of modular engines, the M256 is to be equipped on the company’s S-class flagship 3L 6-cylinder gasoline engine which is Daimler’s first vehicle to adopt a 48V system for mild hybrids. By electrification of auxiliary components, the drive belts for accessory drives are eliminated, shortening the engine’s overall length and improving the ease-of-mounting components in the engine room as well as improving collision safety. Since Daimler discontinued production of the inline 6-cylinder engine M104 in 1997, it has adopted a V-type 6-cylinder configuration, but now it has introduced the inline 6-cylinder engine as successor unit to the M276 V6 engine. The M256 realizes 20% CO2 emissions reduction and more than 15% power improvement compared to its predecessor, the M276 V6 engine.

M256エンジンフロント側 M256エンジンリア側
M256 engine (front side) M256 engine (rear side)

Source: Daimler


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