Electrification of powertrain products by major suppliers including BorgWarner

SAE Exposition 2018: EV and HV systems including eAxle, eDrive, PCU, and battery



EV Powertrain of Nissan LEAF
(JSAE Exposition 2018)

This report covers some of the key products and technologies, developed in response to the increase of EVs and HVs in the vehicle line-up of automakers, that were exhibited by Tier 1 suppliers at the JSAE Automotive Engineering Exhibition 2018 (period: May 23 to 25, 2018, venue: Pacifico Yokohama).

Electric axle (eAxle) systems integrating the transmission for electrified vehicles with the electric motor can be, for example, easily mounted on the rear axle in combination with an electric 4WD system to electrify the platforms of vehicles produced for the mass market. Electric drive (eDrive) systems, consisting of an electric motor and inverter, can be applied not only to the drive systems of 48V hybrid vehicles (HV) being introduced mainly in Europe, but also as the drive motor for small EV mobility solutions.

For the power control unit (PCU) comprised of devices such as the inverter, DC/DC converter and car charger, technologies were introduced to efficiently utilize battery energy as well as to achieve size and weight reduction, and high output. A SiC (silicon carbide) power device mounted on the inverter was also exhibited.

Optimized battery materials (e.g. cathodes, anodes, separators) are being developed for lithium ion batteries, the mainstream battery technology for EVs, to improve energy density and capacity to extend range as well as to improve battery performance in areas such as safety, longer battery life, and fast charging. Also, materials required to reduce the weight of battery packs that were introduced by chemical manufacturers included high-performance plastics having excellent properties such as heat resistance, heat dissipation, and insulation properties.

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