2018: Technologies for Future Mobility

Transmission development to meet E-Drive system and Indian BS-VI requirements


Summary is a conference-cum-mini exhibition organized by the Auto Tech Review, India's leading automotive-technology magazine. This report covers advanced transmission technologies for future automobiles, the impact on transmission & driveline designs, and new transmissions based on keynote lectures and presentations.

According to the keynote lecture by Mr. Deepangshu Dev Sharma, Editor-in-chief, hybrid and electric vehicle sales will rise in India from 2019-20. Automated manual transmission (AMT) adoption will also increase to 66% by 2020 which was 33% in 2017.

This report also covers the mini exhibition with participation by Magna, Punch Powertrain, Divgi TTS, Comsol, Trivim and Springer Group.

Dual clutch transmission Presentation
Dual clutch transmission (Divgi TTS) Presentation (Magna Steyr)


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