Beijing Motor Show 2016 (Part 1) European OEMs: Automakers Strengthen China-Exclusive Model Lineups

VW showcases T-Prime Concept GTE / BMW displays its X1 long-wheelbase model



  The 2016 Beijing Motor Show was held from April 25th to May 4th at the China International Exhibition Center New Venue, located near the Beijing Capital International Airport, and the China International Exhibition Center Old Venue. Many exhibition vehicles and visitors assembled here for this large-scale motor show, held at the expansive, 220 thousand square meter venue.

  According to the organizer, 815 thousand visitors gathered at the event, where over 1,600 companies from 14 countries and regions around the world exhibited their products. The wide range of exhibitions included world-premiere models and concept cars, as well as vehicles exclusive to the Chinese market, and it could be said that the show captured the attention of nations around the world.

  The theme for the show was “Innovation and Transformation,” with exhibition content focusing on the combination of electric, intelligent, and networked vehicles, as well as new energy vehicles. The New Venue exhibited auto manufacturers and major parts manufacturers, whereas the Old Venue showcased parts manufacturers, and had a special venue for new energy vehicles centered on Chinese manufacturers.

  Among the European manufacturers, the booths of German brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and VW were extremely crowded. As for Japanese brands, Lexus, Infiniti, and Acura were popular among attendees, who seemed highly interested in luxury vehicles.

  The booths for Korean manufacturers lacked the momentum seen at exhibitions in previous years and had fewer visitors. At the same time, Chinese manufacturers displayed several new energy vehicles and SUVs, and were filled by attendees with families in tow. Furthermore, sales representatives from dealers gave explanations of the exhibited vehicles, and also invited booth guests for test drives.

  This report will focus on PHVs exhibited at the Beijing Motor Show by European brands, as well as world premiere vehicles. The next report will feature Japanese, Korean, and Chinese models, as well as Chinese new energy vehicles.

The China International Exhibition Center New Venue
The China International Exhibition Center New Venue
Banners in the hallways displaying newly announced models
Banners in the hallways displaying newly announced models
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