How improved is the new Prius?

Milestone to " 40km/L "



Toyota's new Prius
Toyota's new Prius

 This report focuses on technical details of Toyota's new Prius. In a press conference at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, Toyota President Akio Toyoda, standing in front of the new Prius and accompanying an MLB hero, Ichiro, started his speech by asking the audience, "What wows you?" He talked about the company's history and vision, the importance of facing new challenges, and the desire to keep delivering exciting products to the world. Before the Tokyo Motor Show, the Toyota Prius was first exhibited at a motor show in Las Vegas (Nevada, U.S.) and then at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which was held earlier this year. The vehicle was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show without disclosing technical details. Nevertheless, visitors to the Toyota booth could feel Toyota's eagerness to launch the much-awaited new hybrid car.

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