JSAE Exposition 2015: Toyota Mirai FCV cutaway model on display

Suppliers include Toyota Boshoku, Toyota Industries, Denso, Aisin, JTEKT, Aisan, and Toray



 During the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2015 held on May 20-22 by the Society of Automotive Engineers Japan (JSAE), Toyota Motor Corporation exhibited a cutaway model of the "Mirai" Fuel Cell Vehicle ("Mirai" FCV) that was released for sale in December 2014. Toyota Group suppliers exhibited fuel cell stacks, hydrogen tanks and other FCV parts and technologies in their booths as outlined below.

Toyota Mirai FCV Toyota Mirai FCV engine room Cutaway model of the Toyota Mirai FCV
Toyota "Mirai" FCV Toyota "Mirai" FCV engine room: Power control unit and motor Cutaway model of the Toyota "Mirai" FCV: The FC stack is placed under the front seat, the hydrogen fuel tank under the rear seat, and the rechargeable secondary drive battery and hydrogen fuel tank behind the rear seats.

Main parts for Toyota Mirai exhibited

Fuel cell stack parts Stack manifold Toyota Boshoku
Ion exchanger
Air compressor Toyota Industries
Hydrogen circulation pump
Inverter for hydrogen circulation pump
Air valve module Aisin Seiki
Terminal (power collector part) Aisin Takaoka
Electrode material Toray
FC stack cooling system (radiator, electric water pump, etc.) Denso
Hydrogen injector Aisan Industry
Hydrogen supply parts High-pressure hydrogen supply valve JTEKT
Pressure-reducing valve
Hydrogen filling system parts (high-pressure sensor, infrared transmitter, etc.) Denso
Carbon fiber for hydrogen tank Toray
Other parts Seat, door panel Toyota Boshoku
Stack frame Toray

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