Japanese suppliers in China (Part 1): Southern, Central and Southwestern regions

Suppliers increase production, construct plants, and enhance corporate functions



 This report summarizes activities of Japanese parts suppliers in southern, central, southwestern and other regions in China during the ten months from February 2014 to November 2014. Japanese parts suppliers have been primarily bolstering their production capacities at existing plants in Guangdong Province, and establishing new subsidiaries and plants in inland areas, such as Hubei, Hunan, Henan Provinces and Chongqing City. Some parts suppliers have been reinforcing their corporate functions, such as marketing, product development and quality assurance. Japanese parts suppliers have also been stepping up their activities to receive orders from European, U.S. and Chinese automakers as well as Japanese OEMs in these regions.

Southern China
Southern China
(Please click the map for OEM plant locations.)
Central and Southwestern China
Central and Southwestern China
(Please click the map for OEM plant locations.)
Boost production capacity
(* Also produce new product)
Add production line and equipment Guangdong Province: Akebono Brake, H-ONE, Kasai Kogyo, Suncall, Tigers Polymer, Nissin Kogyo, Nittan Valve, Piolax, Furukawa Electric, Yutaka Giken and Unipres*
Hubei Province: H-ONE, Piolax and Yutaka Giken
Add plant Guangdong Province: Ahresty, TS Tech (expansion in line with relocation) and Unipres
Establish new subsidiary, construct new plant/begin production
(* Also produce new product)
Hubei Province: Keihin, Koito Manufacturing, JSP, Tachi-S (also begins production in Dalian City) and Furukawa AS
Hunan Province: Asteer and Pacific Industrial*
Henan Province: Hitachi Chemical*
Chongqing City: Yazaki Corporation
Reinforce marketing, development, quality assurance and other corporate functions. Words in parentheses refers to locations Kinugawa Rubber (Guangzhou), San-En Kizai (Guangzhou), Showa (Guangzhou) and Nissin Kogyo (Chongqing)

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