Toyota to boost production capacity in China in 2015

Opens new R&D subsidiary for HV/EV technology



 Toyota Motor Corp. (TMC) announced its new China market strategy, "Toyota Yundong Plan: China Vision" in March 2012, which revealed its business management policy for China to promote integrated localization from planning, development through production. Higher localization should enable the company to quickly respond to changes in the environment, including the government's policy revisions, local customer and market needs. It should also facilitate development of competitive products, especially costwise. Around 2015, Toyota plans to begin manufacturing hybrid passenger cars equipped with locally developed and produced hybrid components. Through introduction of these highly competitive models, Toyota aims to win and expand the market share in China.

An Electric Vehicle (EV) Concept, which will be a base model for the Ranz. This model is expected to start production at a FAW-Toyota JV plant as the JV's original brand around 2015.
(Photo:at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2013
Versa Noteハッチバック
An EV concept, which will be a base for the model to be produced by GAC Toyota in China around 2015 (The model name is yet to be announced.)
(Photo:at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2013

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