Honda releases medium-term strategy (1)

The all-new Fit to be developed in six regions



 Honda published its medium-term strategy in September 2012 announcing plans to sell more than three million vehicles in mature markets, another three million vehicles in emerging markets, six million vehicles in total, in FY2016 (sales in FY2012 are expected to be 4.12 million units).

 Honda's medium-term strategy calls for "global operation reform" through "concurrent development by all six regions," "adoption of locally optimized design drawings" and "improvement of production efficiency." Another key initiative of the strategy is the further advancement of the powertrain technological reform that Honda announced as "Earth Dreams Technology" in November 2011.

 The "concurrent development by all six regions" and "adoption of locally optimized design drawings" initiatives are being realized with the development of Honda's global strategic model, the all-new Fit. Regarding the powertrain technical development, Honda is developing three new hybrid systems that will reach the market in 2013.

 This report mainly contains the concurrent development of the all-new Fit in all six regions, the three new hybrid systems and rearrangement of the domestic sales and production structure in Japan. Honda's overseas operation will be covered in the next report.

 Honda's medium-term strategy announced in September 2012 is outlined at the end of this report.

Honda Group Unit Sales by region Urban SUV Concept
The all-new Fit-based "Urban SUV Concept" to be exhibited
by Honda at the 2013 North American International Auto Show

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