Japanese suppliers in ASEAN countries - Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia

Suppliers are expanding their business and boosting production capacities in promising Indonesia



 This report summarizes the recent activities of Japanese suppliers in ASEAN countries with the exception of Thailand. The Report covers those within one year by the end of May 2012.

 Expecting Indonesia to grow over the medium-term range, Japanese OEMs as well as US, European and Korean OEMs have been actively investing in the country to expand their production capacities. A number of Japanese suppliers are building new plants, and invest to expand production capacities of their existing plants. Booming relocation of production facilities from Thailand after the flood in 2011 has spurred investments in Indonesia.

 Vietnam has become a parts production base to export to Japan, the US, Europe and other neighboring Southeast Asian countries. Japanese suppliers are building new plants, adding new products or increasing the capacities of their existing plants. Some suppliers are converting their plants into R&D centers.

 In the other ASEAN countries of Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Cambodia, Japanese parts suppliers are not so visible but they are reinforcing their capacities for country-specific products, or establishing new companies.

 The trends in Thailand are reported in "Japanese suppliers in Thailand."


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