Nissan Leaf teardown (Part 1)

Benchmarking systems and components for EV



On December 12, 2011, benchmarking was conducted in which Nissan's volume production electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf EV, was disassembled and all its systems and components exposed. Benchmarking, organized by the Next-generation Automobile Support Center of the Saitama Industrial Development Corporation, was performed by the students of the Saitama Institute of Automotive Technology located in Ina, Kita Adachi-gun, Saitama Prefecture.

All parts and components having something to do with EV systems were separated from the vehicle and disassembled into individual units and components. Benchmarking did not involve further disassembly of removed parts or removal of sections that had nothing to do with EV systems, such as the interior equipment.

This report contains description of systems and parts in the order they were disassembled.

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