Ricardo Worldwide Environmental Regulations EMLEG

What is EMLEG?

EMLEG is the comprehensive summary of the worldwide exhaust emissions regulations and compiled by Ricardo. The summary of the current and future regulations in 56 countries is presented with the explanation and comments by Ricardo's professional engineers.
Furthermore, EMLEG covers a wide range of engines from small to maritime to stationary large-size, as well as related regulations on fuel quality, air environment and fuels.
This information is used for the various projects conducted by Ricardo as practical and most up-to-date tools.

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List of countries and data categories (English only)


Country Category
Austria Heavy Duty
Austria Motorcycles & Mopeds
Austria Non-road Engines & Vehicles
Austria Passenger Cars & LDT
Belgium General
Belgium Passenger Cars & LDT
Belgium Stationary Engines
Bulgaria General
Czech Republic General
Denmark General
Denmark Stationary Engines
EU Air Quality
EU Fuel Economy
EU Fuels
EU Heavy Duty Vehicles
EU Marine
EU Member States
EU Motorcycles and Mopeds
EU Non-road Engines & Vehicles
EU Passenger Cars & LDT
EU Railways
EU Stationary Engines
EU Vehicle Categories
Finland General
France General
France Passenger Cars & LDT
Germany General
Germany Passenger Cars & LDT
Germany Stationary Engines
Greece General
Hungary General
Iceland General
Ireland General
Italy General
Italy Passenger Cars & LDT
Italy Stationary Engines
Luxembourg General
Netherlands General
Norway Marine
Norway Passenger Cars & LDT
Norway Stationary Engines
Poland General
Portugal General
Romania General
Russian Federation Fuels
Russian Federation Heavy Duty Vehicles
Russian Federation Passenger Cars & LDT
Slovakia General
Slovenia General
Spain General
Spain Motorcycles & Mopeds
Spain Passenger Cars & LDT
Spain Stationary Engines
Sweden General
Switzerland Air Quality
Switzerland General
Switzerland Marine
Switzerland Non-road Engines & Vehicles
Switzerland Passenger Cars & LDT
Switzerland Stationary
Turkey General
Turkey Motorcycles & Mopeds
Turkey Passenger Cars & LDT
Ukraine General
United Kingdom Fuel Economy & CO2 emissions
United Kingdom Fuels
United Kingdom General

Middle East

Country Category
Iran Heavy Duty Vehicles
Iran Passenger Cars & LDT
Israel Air Quality
Israel Fuels
Israel Heavy Duty Vehicles
Israel Passenger Cars & LDT
Saudi Arabia Air Quality
Saudi Arabia Heavy Duty Vehicles
Saudi Arabia Non-road Engines & Vehicles
Saudi Arabia Passenger Cars & LDT


Country Category
Australia Air Quality
Australia Categories
Australia Fuel Economy
Australia Fuels
Australia Heavy Duty Vehicles
Australia Marine
Australia Passenger Cars & LDT
New Zealand Fuels
New Zealand General


Country Category
South Africa Air Quality
South Africa Fuels
South Africa Heavy Duty Vehicles
South Africa Passenger Cars & LDT

International Organization

Country Category
International Gothenburg Protocol
International International Union of Railways (UIC)
World Bank Stationary Engines
International World Harmonized Light-Duty Test Procedure
International Worldwide Harmonized OBD
International Worldwide Motorcycle Emissions Test Cycle
International International Maritime Organization (IMO)

North America

Country Category
Canada Air Quality
Canada Fuel Economy
Canada Fuels
Canada Heavy Duty Vehicles
Canada Marine
Canada Motorcycles & Mopeds
Canada Non-road Engines & Vehicles
Canada Passenger Cars & LDT
Canada Stationary Engines
USA Federal Air Quality
USA Federal Fuel Economy
USA Federal Fuels
USA Federal Heavy Duty Vehicles
USA Federal Marine
USA Federal Motorcycles & Mopeds
USA Federal Non-road Engines & Vehicles
USA Federal Passenger Cars & LDT
USA Federal Railways
USA Federal Stationary Engines
USA - California Air Quality
USA - California Fuel Economy
USA - California Fuels
USA - California Heavy Duty Vehicles
USA - California Marine
USA - California Motorcycles and Mopeds
USA - California Non-road Engines & Vehicles
USA - California Passenger Cars & LDT
USA - California Railways
USA - California Stationary Engines

South America

Country Category
Argentina Fuels
Argentina Heavy Duty Vehicles
Argentina Passenger Cars & LDT
Brazil Fuel Economy
Brazil Fuels
Brazil Heavy Duty Vehicles
Brazil Motorcycles and Mopeds
Brazil Non-road Engines & Vehicles
Brazil Passenger Cars & LDT
Chile Heavy Duty Vehicles
Chile Motorcycles and Mopeds
Chile Passenger Cars & LDT
Colombia Heavy Duty Vehicles
Colombia Passenger Cars & LDT
Costa Rica General
Ecuador Heavy Duty Vehicles
Ecuador Passenger Cars & LDT
Mexico Air Quality
Mexico Fuel Economy
Mexico Fuels
Mexico Heavy Duty Vehicles
Mexico Passenger Cars & LDT
Peru General
Venezuela General


Country Category
China Fuel Economy
China Fuels
China Heavy Duty Vehicles
China Motorcycles & Mopeds
China Non-road Engines & Vehicles
China Passenger Cars & LDT
Hong Kong Air Quality
Hong Kong Heavy Duty Vehicles
Hong Kong Motorcycles & Mopeds
Hong Kong Passenger Cars & LDT
India Fuel Economy
India Fuels
India Heavy Duty Vehicles
India Motorcycles & Mopeds
India Non-road Engines & Vehicles
India Passenger Cars & LDT
Indonesia General
Japan Heavy Duty
Japan Fuel Economy
Japan Fuels
Japan Heavy Duty Vehicles
Japan Marine
Japan Motorcycles & Mopeds
Japan Non-road Engines & Vehicles
Japan Stationary Engines
Japan Vehicle Categories
Malaysia General
Nepal Heavy Duty Vehicles
Nepal Passenger Cars & LDT
Pakistan Fuels
Pakistan General
Philippines Fuels
Philippines General
Singapore Heavy Duty Vehicles
Singapore Motorcycles & Mopeds
Singapore Non-road Engines & Vehicles
Singapore Passenger Cars & LDT
South Korea Fuel Economy
South Korea Heavy Duty Vehicles
South Korea Motorcycles & Mopeds
South Korea Non-road Engines & Vehicles
South Korea Passenger Cars & LDT
Taiwan Fuels
Taiwan Heavy Duty Vehicles
Taiwan Motorcycles & Mopeds
Taiwan Passenger Cars & LDT
Thailand Heavy Duty Vehicles
Thailand Marine
Thailand Motorcycles & Mopeds
Thailand Passenger Cars & LDT
Vietnam Categories
Vietnam Fuels
Vietnam Heavy Duty Vehicles
Vietnam Motorcycles & Mopeds
Vietnam Passenger Cars & LDT