Cruise starts driverless vehicle tests in San Francisco  [ USA ]

GM-backed Cruise starts tests of truly self-driving cars with no safety driver on the streets of San Francisco.
The company said it's going so well that it hinted at commercializing of the cars sometime in 2021 with the goal of taking the fleet to other major cities.
Cruise started testing five vehicles in November. There is still a person in the front passenger seat, but they have no manual control of the vehicle.
On December 9, Cruise released a short video of the moment a safety driver steps out of the car and a voice broadcasts, "all systems ready, engaging," and the car takes off, making turns throughout the darkened streets of San Francisco at night.
In October, the California Department of Motor Vehicles gave Cruise permission to test its autonomous vehicles without a safety driver in San Francisco.
from Detroit Free Press article 9 December

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